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Fitness Myths Addressed

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Into your 40s and beyond, fitness routines that you once found easy might start becoming a tad challenging or even impossible, but you shouldn’t let that discourage you. We address some fitness myths which might put you off exercising.

I’m Too Old To Keep Fit

This is the biggest fitness myth ever, as no one is too old to keep fit. If a 91-year-old lady can run a marathon, so can anyone of us. Research has shown that even moderate exercise can make a big difference to one’s health and fitness. Brisk walking, cycling, swimming or jogging coupled with muscle-strengthening exercises such as push-ups, sit-ups, or some weights can help one keep fit. Apart from lowering bad LDL cholesterol as well as lose weight, exercise is also proven to lift one’s spirits. A word of advice, always consult your doctor prior to any fitness regime you’re about to embark on.

Running Is Better Than Walking

Brisk walking can actually burn as much calories as you would running for the same amount of time. The impact to your feet and knees would also be lessened by walking as compared to pounding the tarmac hard when running.  It will be optimal to include a bit of incline when walking as well as a gradual increase of distance.

Stretch To Prevent Injuries

Recent research have indicated that there seems to be little gain from stretching to avoid sore muscles and injuries. That being said, stretching might make you more flexible to perform better in certain exercises and sports.

Exercise Helps One Lose Weight

To lose that paunch of yours, you’ll need to do more than just exercise, combining exercise with a proper weight-loss programme can help you get rid of that beer belly.


Ever heard of DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness)? Muscle aches are part and parcel of exercising, especially for those who have not exercised in a long while, but pain in joints, bones and ligaments are not normal, as you might have overexerted yourself. Start off slow to avoid injuries and don’t carry on if it hurts.




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