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5 Ways To Cope With A Slow Internet Connection

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Here are some ways in which you can counteract the frustration and anxiety that builds when your internet connection becomes slow or grinds to a halt.

In this day and age, we’re used to having high speed internet, and when network congestion, broken sea cables, or even weak network signals slows down your internet experience, it can be very frustrating – imagine staring at a blank web page on your computer for more than a minute or the inability to receive updates from your friends or read articles on your favourite news sites or blogs. Although slow internet can cause some major frustrations, here are some suggestions on what to do if that happens:

1) Time To Revert!

There are still many ways to get information. albeit a more old-fashioned way. Take a trip to your local library or bookstore, and quench your thirst for knowledge with some newspapers, books or magazines. Take the time to feel the paper between your fingers and read uninterrupted without notifications popping up every few seconds. It’s a terrific way to get back to a ‘new’ but traditional way to get informed.

2) Be Productive!

A slower internet also means you won’t or even worse can’t refresh Twitter or Facebook because it’s taking forever to load. So take that chance to write that blog post on your grandchildren you’ve have been procrastinating about, or sort out the photos that have been accumulating over the months! You will be surprised how much more productive you can be without distractions.

3)  Get Faster Internet Through A Better Browser

If you really must go online, there is a way. We recommend installing the Opera web browser on your computer, as it comes with Opera Turbo, a web compression technology which helps to boost internet speeds, no blow-off-valve venting sounds though. When you enable Opera Turbo, the pages you request are passed through one of Opera’s data-saving servers which removes any extraneous page elements, shaves off image pixels you won’t miss, diagnoses the state of your connection and compresses downloads. Or you can use the Opera Mini browser on your mobile or tablet, and get the best speeds while on the go.

4)  Get Connected Without The Fear Of Missing Out

Although social networking sites seem to be the best way to stay connected, and the thought of being disconnected from it gives you anxiety attacks, think of this as a chance to connect in a different way. Pick up your phone and call someone. We’re pretty sure they’ll be glad to hear your voice, instead of just reading some text on a screen from you. And, we’re pretty sure you’ll enjoy listening to the voice of your granddaughter as she babbles on.

5)  Get Into That Zen State Of Mind

It’s widely known that frustration and anger can affect your health, so channel unhappy, unproductive feelings out of your body. Instead of staring at a blank page and wondering why nothing in the world seems to be going right that day, take a time-out. Do 10 to 15 minutes of breathing meditation. It can help you overcome some of the stress while giving you a sense of inner peace and balance. If anything, it’s a great time to just let your mind chill out a bit.




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