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How to: Proper squat and Wrist Stretch

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In a previous article – Enjoying at-home workouts in a safe manner – with Orthopedics and Sports Medicine, Island Orthopaedics (member of Healthway Medical), there was discussion on key points regarding how to do a proper squat as well as the importance of stretching.

Chung Tze Khit, Founder and Managing Director of Gold’s Gym Singapore, demonstrates the proper form and technique of some exercises that Dr. Oh had highlighted.


Some key points to bear in mind in performing a proper squat include:

Knee alignment:

  • Don’t: Bend your knees past your toes – a knees forward approach will cause a weight imbalance and put more stress on the kneecaps.
  • Do: Focus on “butt back” – sit downwards and backwards

Weight distribution:

  • Don’t: Lift your heels as this will shift the weight forward and put stress on the knee
  • Do: Drive through your heels, keep them grounded

Back alignment

  • Don’t: Round or arch your back as the rounding of your back can place extra stress on your lumbar spine resulting in back strain
  • Do: Keep your back straight and core tight
proper squat
Squat Starting Position
Squat Full Position Front
proper squat
Squat Full Position Side

Wrist Stretch

Alternative Wrist Stretch