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Japanese Contact Lens Specialist, Hirocon Launches In Singapore

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Specialising only in contact lenses, Japanese brand, Hirocon is a first-of-its-kind eye and vision care provider here in Singapore.


Originating from Japan 35 years ago, Hirocon is a pioneer in offering specialised retail services for customers looking for contact lens. Taking after the “Japanese way of hospitality and customer service” (Omotenashi), Hirocon prides itself in its unparalleled customer care services on top of its expertise in the field of contact lens.

Singaporeans can  visit the convenient one-stop-specialised store for all their contact lens needs. The store stocks the largest number of contact lenses in Singapore – from various major contact lens brands to specialised lenses, including astigmatism and multifocal lenses. With its large inventory, customers can almost always be assured to receive their lenses on the same day they get their eyes checked.

With the belief that contact lenses are medical devices that require careful and professional prescription, Hirocon uses only the best technology to ensure that customers gets a detailed eye check to determine their eye health and contact lens suitability.

Customers can expect to receive detailed eye health checks and be educated on the importance of having professional eye checks prior to any contact lens usage. Its team of UK-graduated optometrists, some with over 15 years of experience in all types of eye-related issues, specialises in the diagnosis and management of ocular diseases and visual disorders, such as dry eye syndrome, diabetic retinopathy and conjunctivitis, among others.

The highly trained optometrists will carefully evaluate various key components of the function and health of the eyes, including external and internal ocular health, current vision and best-corrected vision. Hirocon also specialises in paediatric vision care for children under the age of seven years old.

To get an idea of how the eye health checks go about, here’s a brief description of the process:

At the eye test room, you will be brought through a series of eye checks. A computerised autorefractor will first estimate the prescription of your glasses. Next, a phoropter will replace the traditional trial lens set to simulate a vision chart of six-metre distance, simultaneously checking for eye muscle balance to ensure greater accuracy and efficiency in the eye tests.

To determine contact lens suitability, a slit lamp is then used to test for cornea diseases, while a Volk lens or ophthalmoscope will be used to check the retina. After which, the optometrist will proceed to select several contact lenses for you to try, and from there, determine the most suitable contact lenses for you. Hirocon also specialises in fitting for hard lenses.

Hirocon is located at 277 Orchard Road, #B2-28, Orchardgateway Singapore 238858.




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