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Nespresso Launches The Cubanía

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Nespresso launches its latest coffee creation the Cubanía, bringing a new level of intensity to coffee drinkers.

Drawing inspiration from their iconic coffee ritual of Cuba, Nespresso launches the Cubanía, giving coffee lovers the opportunity to experience not just Cubanía’s fresh taste and aroma, but also the rich distinctive coffee culture and history behind it.

What’s unique about the limited edition Cubanía is the fact that Nespresso has broken its own coffee intensity record. Their latest creation has reached an unprecedented intensity 13 on a scale defined by a combination of roastiness, bitterness and body. To get a sense of the Cubano style of drinking coffee, try mixing a portion of coffee with cane sugar until it reaches a thick, creamy paste, and then combine it with more coffee. The result is an intense and syrupy black coffee which will give you a chance to fully experience coffee the Latin way.

So do not give this limited edition flavour a miss if you want to experience coffee with intensity like no other.

Priced at S$12 per sleeve of 10 capsules, Cubanía will be available exclusively for Nespresso Club Members from 2 September 2014. To enable Club Members to enjoy Cubanía in true Cubano style, Nespresso will introduce a special Cubanía duo pack (S$14), which includes a sleeve of Cubanía and a sugar sleeve. The Limited Edition Cubanía and the Cubanía duo pack are available at Nespresso boutiques.




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