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Samsung Previews New Galaxy Range

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Samsung Singapore recently showcased the new Galaxy range that includes the Note 4, Note Edge, Gear S and Gear Circle as well as a range of classy Montblanc accessories to accompany the new phone.

Both the Galaxy Note 4 and Note Edge possess the same Quad HD (2560 x 1440 pixels) on an impressively huge 5.7-inch screen, with the S Pen and S Note greatly improved on for better functionality. Other nifty features include a refined Multi Window feature, an improved Fingerprint Scanner as well as an advanced camera system that is able to reproduce better images (16 mp rear camera and 3.7 mp front camera).











Also on display were the Gear S smart watch as well as the Samsung Gear Circle headphones which can be worn around the user like a fashion accessory.The Gear S is equipped with a 2-inch curved Super AMOLED display, runs on the Tizen OS and has a nano-SIM slot that allows the user to make and receive calls independently. The Gear Circle on the other hand, allows users to receive calls, listen to music and make voice commands through a Bluetooth connection.









Montblanc Accessories

In addition, introduced at the preview was the announcement of Samsung’s partnership with Montblanc for the Galaxy Note 4. The partnership sees a release of a series of Note 4 accessory collaborations such as the union of Samsung’s S Pen with Montblanc’s Pix Pen and e-Starwalker Pen as well as the Meisterstuck Soft Grain and Montblanc Extreme flip cover cases that contain unique ID chips that unlock exclusive Montblanc styled content on the Galaxy Note 4 phone.

And, for those of you who already own a regular Starwalker pen, you can opt to buy an e-refill that will convert your ink pen to an S Pen.












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