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Fighting Depression: Stop Using Food to Deal With It

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‘Cause mood foods and stress-eating are not the best ways to deal with depression 

Do you have the tendency to stress eat when feeling down and depressed? If so, now’s the right time to realise that emotional eating won’t do you any good, especially when it comes to your health and fitness.  Keep in mind that your body is precious and deserves respect demonstrated by how you take care of it. This includes what you eat, drink and how you help it recuperate and rest every night.

You might think that stress-eating all the foods you crave and like will make you feel better. But in reality, it’ll become a cycle in the long run. You’ll always use food as a pick me up to deal with depression and you wouldn’t even realise how much your body has changed.

To keep you from stress-eating, here are some ways to help cope with depression the healthy way:

  1. Go Travel

Going places is definitely an effective way to deal with stress eating. There’s so much more to see out there and you’ll eventually forget your cravings if you’re too busy with your new adventure. As you collect new memories and meet thrilling experiences along the way, you’d move away from negativity and focus on what’s more important.

It helps to head out with a friend if you feel like you can’t handle traveling alone. If you’re going through depression and you use food as a coping mechanism, ask someone to be your travel buddy to help keep you in check.

  1. Find a New Hobby

You have to find a different outlet to keep your mind off cravings. Perhaps you can engage in arts & crafts, sports, outdoor activities. The choices are endless—all you have to do is find what you’re interested in and stick with it.

You can always take classes if you want to learn a new skill or find out something more about the hobby. If you think you’re too busy to attend an actual class, Google can be a good friend to help you find the nearest fitness centre or recreation spot. Feel free to look up videos, articles and other information regarding the hobby you’d like to pursue. Whatever it is, it’ll help you distress up until you get rid of your bad eating habits.

  1. Get Acquainted with Mindful Eating

Obviously, you have to learn how to treat your body right with what you eat. Appreciate your meals and realise that you don’t have to succumb to every craving you may have. Once you start eating healthy, you will feel how your body has changed day after day. Eating is never a sin but too much will do you no good.



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