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Print Photo Albums with FujiFilm’s Year Album

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FujiFilm now offers a Year Album service that enables you to make a photo album easily.

Sometimes nothing beats a good ol’ photo album, and FujiFilm’s offering is as good as they come. It’s made with high-quality, traditional silver halide premium paper, and features a lay-flat binding and a hard cover.

We know exactly what you’re thinking of right now, but fret not. If you’re trouble by the idea of having to trawl through thousands of photographs to put together a photo album, consider those fears unfounded.

Fujifilm Year Album

The Year Album uses what FujiFilm calls Image Organiser technology, which as its main feature, offers an automatic preview through three smart functions: Smart Select recommends suitable images from still images automatically; Smart Layout provides a suitable image layout corresponding to each photo product; Smart Casting sorts the images of main and important people as determined by you.

It is able to select, layout, and cast key people that you have chosen automatically by analysing every single image in only five minutes, and all you need to provide is three conditions – storage location, time period, and page volume of album. You can easily change the key people who should appear in the album by simply selecting and deselecting them.

In addition, you can also add and delete images, edit and decorate the proposed page layout, change cover colours, add album titles, stamps and comments.

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