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The Best of You: Vill Chan, Tai Chi and achieving goals

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Vill Chan shares with us about how Tai Chi has helped her dive, conquer Mount Kinabalu and cycle 100KM around Singapore in her 60’s!

The Best of You

The Best of You Finale Exhibition, a free-to-enter public exhibition, opened to public on Tuesday, 13 October 2015, will continue until Sunday, 18 October 2015.

Introduced in 2014, The Best of You aims to promote personal affirmation among people in Singapore, as well as to inspire them to acknowledge and appreciate the people and experiences that have brought out the best in them. The movement prompts individuals to slow down and take time to recognise the small actions and achievements they often neglect.

The Best of You social movement is initiated by biscuit manufacturer Julie’s and highlights  over 1,000 inspiring personal stories and selected artworks from members of the public, as well as local and international artists, talents and personalities.

The Active Age (TAA) speaks with Ms. Vill Chan (VC), 63, a retired logistics project manager, about her story and how Tai Chi has helped to keep her focused on her goals.

TAA: What does Tai Chi mean to you?

VC: Jennifer, my Tai Chi instructor, and Tai Chi mean a lot to me. Jennifer’s patience and efficiency in teaching her instructors brought out the best in me. I have learnt much from her through her passion for tai chi. When I faced my most difficult challenges, it was Tai Chi that kept me focused on my goals in life.

TAA: How has it impacted your life?

VC: I have not played tennis for over 10 years due to my knee injury, however, with Tai Chi, my balance and legs are now stronger. I have picked up tennis once again.

At the age of 60, I learnt to stay calm (applying the principles of jing and song) during my Open Water Diving certification. This enabled me to dive with my children, Robin and Rachel at Sipadan, one of the top five diving spots in the world!!

At 61, I climbed Mount Kinabalu. At 62, I cycled 100 km around Singapore on 1 Jan 2015.

The combination of the mental and physical endurance that I have gained is the outcome of the Tai Chi for Health Program and Jennifer’s instructional abilities. It is a reflection of who she is.

TAA: It seems like you have been given a second shot at life, what are some of the highlights you have enjoyed?

VC: I am inclined to look inwards to discover my true self. I attended a silent retreat. It was enriching and gave me a great sense of peace.

Volunteering at the Parkinson Society Singapore has shown me the courage and positive attitude of patients and caregivers.

TAA: When and how important is having a purpose in life to you?

VC: Having a purpose in life is and always will be one of the most important things to me.

It is my drive to learn new things, meet challenges head on and open my world to opportunities I perhaps never dreamt I could have. It is like keeping a dream alive.

TAA: Would you agree that age is just a number?

VC: Absolutely. At 63, I can still play and enjoy tennis with people half my age. It never stopped me from learning how to dive, ascending Mount Kinabalu or riding 100km.

TAA: What should we aspire to, in order to age actively?

VC: We should aspire to maintain good health by being actively involved in meaningful stuff like learning and teaching tai chi to an ageing community, continuing with sports, volunteering in organisations etc.

Most importantly, have an attitude of openness to learn new things. Live life to the fullest as if every day is my last.

Always anticipate that the best is yet to be.


Event details:

The Best of You


The Best of You Finale Exhibition

Date: 13 – 18 October 2015

Time: 11am – 9pm, daily

Admission: Free entry

Venue: Marina Square, Central Atrium, 6 Raffles Boulevard, Singapore 039594

The Best of You

This weekend, The Best of You Finale Exhibition will see sharing sessions with Irene Ang, actress, host and FLY Entertainment CEO; Patricia Mok, actress, host and FLY Entertainment artiste; Amy Cheng, actress, host and FLY Entertainment artiste as well as her husband, Rama Chandran, founder and director of Act 3 Theatrics; Xiang Yun, veteran MediaCorp artiste and Nurul Aini, Suria actress, host and entrepreneur. Organisations such as Willing Hearts, Humans of Singapore, The Hidden Good, Soule, Singapore Polytechnic’s School of Design and ITE, have also contributed additional works.




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