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Varilux Launches New Range Of Progressive Lenses

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Varilux aims to address Singapore’s increasing concern of presbyopia with its new range of progressive lenses.

As Singapore’s population ages from a median age of 39 years old (2015) to a projected 47 years old in 2030, presbyopia is likely to be a growing health concern. While various correction and treatment options are available, progressive lenses remain the most convenient and non-invasive method to correct one’s vision instantly.

Varilux, one of the world’s leading companies in progressive and innovative lens technology, has launched its new and improved Physio, Comfort and Liberty range of progressive lenses, with the company claiming that the new range is set to push the limits of technology to provide effortless vision every day.

The lenses are now available in all leading optical shops and members of the public can also head to selected Varilux Experience Authorised Dealers to have a free first-hand experience of how their vision can be improved by progressive lenses, through the use of an interactive 360-degree virtual reality experience.




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