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Virgin Active finds Singaporeans happy

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The “Live Happily Ever Active” survey by Virgin Active finds 8 out of 10 Singaporeans are happy in their current life stage.

Virgin Active ran a “Live Happily Ever Active” survey to understand how happy people in Singapore are and how activeness has an impact on their physical and mental well-being. The survey reached out to 1,000 participants aged 25-54 years old.

The survey found that 80 percent of participants shared that they are happy in their current stage of life. The top two aspects that provided happiness were having good relationships with loved ones and having good physical health. 93 percent of respondents shared that staying active was an important part of their lifestyle. Out of which, 63 percent exercised at least once a week.

Virgin Active
Virgin Active

Recognition that mental health is as important as physical health

96 percent of respondents shared that being active had a positive impact on them mentally, physically, and emotionally. They found that being active helps to relieve stress and relaxation. This helps respondents feel energised, refreshed, and better able to regulate emotions. Respondents also reported feeling physically stronger.

Virgin Active

At Virgin Active, we do not want to simply focus on the physical health. We want everyone who walk through our doors to find a balance between rest, wellness and exercise. Our facilities are curated with that in mind. At any of our locations, one can find a space to workout, a space to relax and a space to recover. Virgin Active is constantly looking at creating new experiences to empower happiness through activeness

Julien Bera, Singapore Country Director of Virgin Active

The study also found out that 55 percent of respondents were not happy with their mental health. Many stated that their mental health and emotional health would also deteriorate. if they had to stop exercising. Specifically, 64 percent would feel less physically active. 45 percent would feel less mentally healthy and 38 percent would feel less happy. These respondents also said they experienced negative emotions and self-talk, with some feeling fat, lazy, dissatisfied, and lethargic.

Virgin Active challenges new joiners to earn a complimentary 6-week membership incentive

Virgin Active has issued a challenge – titled the Activate programme – to new joiners. All new joiners that train at least twice a week for 12 weeks will get a 50 percent reduction of their first 12 weeks membership fees. This challenge is built on the understanding that it takes at least 12 weeks for new habits to form. Virgin Active wants to challenge new joiners to include activeness in their lives, and kick-start their health and wellness journey.

This article was republished from our partner Family of Fathers with permission. The original article can be found at this link.

Images credit to Virgin Active Singapore.