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6 tips to boost blood circulation and promote overall well-being

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The blood circulatory system is an integral part of our body as it delivers nutrients and oxygen to cells and vital organs.  Without it, many of the body’s primary functions, such as the ability to fight against infections and stabilising body temperature, will cease.

A healthy blood circulatory system is constituted by healthy blood that can effectively carry oxygen and nutrients to cells and vital organs, a strong heart that is capable of pumping blood throughout the body, and blood vessels that are unclogged.

Poor blood circulation has been linked to chronic health ailments, such as diabetes and high blood pressure, which are highly prevalent in seniors. In Singapore, 3 out of 10 seniors aged 60 and above are diagnosed with diabetes and close to 75% have high blood pressure, suggesting that majority of seniors here are at high risks of suffering from poor blood circulation.

Here are 6 tips to boost blood circulation and promote overall well-being in 2018:

Consume a balanced diet and incorporate nutrients such as iron and omega-3 fatty acids
A balanced diet is essential to ensuring that our body receives adequate amounts of nutrients. Iron is needed for formation of haemoglobin, the oxygen-binding part of red blood cells that is responsible for carrying oxygen around the body. Try to include iron-rich foods such as red meat, organ meats, dark and leafy greens, seafood, eggs, kelp and molasses to up your intake of iron.

Fatty cold-water fish
EPA and DHA can be found in fatty fishes. Small fatty fishes such as anchovies and sardines might be preferred for a lower level of contaminants. According to numerous studies, Omega-3s have been found to support blood circulation and cardiovascular health through a range of mechanisms, including maintaining the elasticity of blood vessels, dilatation of blood vessels, which decreases blood pressure, demonstrating antiplatelet effects and reduction of triglyceride levels in the blood.

Stay active
Take a walk in a park, cycle or a slow jog with a loved one to spend quality time with them. Staying active will ensure that your heart is pumping blood around the body and a healthy circulatory system.

Stay hydrated
Just like how car engines need oil to function, the human body needs water for our organs to work at an optimal level. In addition to that, drinking sufficient water can also help to flush out toxins from the body and reduce the chances of blood thickening and clots. Try adding a squeeze of lemon or mint leaves to boost flavour as well as antioxidants to support the immune system.

Pamper yourself with a trip to the spa
Massages can improve circulation in the body as it increases blood flow throughout the body and stimulating the lymph vessels. If you have had a long week from the household chores, take this chance to indulge and unwind with a massage.

Consider taking supplements if you are not obtaining enough nutrients from your diet
It can be challenging even for the most conscientious of people to keep track of our diet. Supplements such as Ginkgo biloba and Omega 3 Fatty Acids have been shown to improve blood circulation and cognitive function. Consider taking supplements from a trusted source on top of your daily diet to support your health and ensure a balanced nutrition.

Article and content attributed to Ms Chua Kay Tse, Naturopath Health Educator and Senior Training Manager, Blackmores Singapore



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