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7 Reasons Why You Are Waking Up with Lower Back Pain

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Lower back pain is a very real and common problem nowadays, as it affects more and more people of various ages and Backgrounds. According to the specialists, there are multiple causes, but the ones we listed below are among the most common.

So, have a look and make sure you remove all the negative influences from your life. This way, you may keep your spine and lower back healthy and happy.

#1: Bad Sleeping Position

One of the most common causes is the sleeping position. Stomach sleepers are the ones to suffer the most because the spine remains in tension throughout the entire night. However, many side sleepers complain about back pain as well.

The solution: Use supportive pillows to adjust your sleeping position to a neutral spine.

#2: Strained Muscles

Strenuous activities such as gym training or playing football or basketball could put a lot more pressure on the lower back area. This tends to happen when you’re out of practice and get into the activity without a vigorous warmup.

The solution: Relax and avoid putting pressure on the affected area for a few days. If the situation doesn’t improve, visit a doctor.

#3: Bad Sleeping Surface

The mattress plays a huge role in how well you sleep because this is the surface that keeps the spine aligned while you’re at the horizontal. So, if you feel tired when you wake up and the back hurts for no apparent reason, your mattress may be the problem. It may not be a good fit for your needs or sleeping position, or it may be too old to provide the same high-quality support it used to.

The solution: If you miss waking up feeling great and ready to conquer the world, do a bit of research and buy the bed design that best suits your needs. Modern beds are both affordable and rich in features.

#4: Wrong Pillow

The pillow is yet another bedding element that could be harming you instead of soothing you! Many people don’t understand that the right pillow needs to fall into certain quality parameters and only select it based on the filling and overall look.

The solution: Find a design that supports the neck in relation to the spine. The ideal pillow will help create a straight line from the top of the head to the lower back.

#5: Spinal Problems

Sadly, problems with disc decompression and other similar situations are a reality, and they may create more than a mild discomfort. So, if the mattress and the pillow don’t help, it’s best to visit a doctor and learn more about your spine.

#6: You Get Out of Bed the Wrong Way

Yes, there is a wrong and a right way! And, you guessed it, most people do the wrong way!

So, if you’re used to just open your eyes and sit up (while using your back to stand), you’re doing it wrong.

The solution: Roll onto your side, to the edge of the bed, and use the hands to push yourself up in a sitting position. Now, put your legs down, and push to get up – this way, you’re not using the back to get up.

#7: Too Much Sitting

There are plenty of studies that showed too much sitting shortens our lives. But, it also damages our lower back area, and the only way to prevent this is by reducing the time we sit down. This means getting up every 50 minutes, doing some yoga or stretches every now and then during the day, and walking.

Overall, it’s the bad habits we acquired that ruin the health of our spine. So, make sure to acknowledge them and stand up for your spinal health!

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