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Aiming for a Balanced Diet

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If you consume fruits and vegetables regularly, cultivating a balanced diet shouldn’t be difficult. Having such a diet helps you lose weight, keeps your body healthy and gets you to stay in shape.

A busy schedule should not be an excuse to skip your meals as it’s unhealthy to deprive your body of food. Spread your calorie intake throughout the day. Here are some ways to manage your daily calorie intake if you are aiming to lose weight.


Keep your calories in check by limiting your food portion size, especially for meals that are high in calories such as chicken rice. Opt for appetizers instead of entrees when you are dining out with your friends. Share a meal with them or resist the temptation of up-sizing your food serving. Avoid ordering side dishes to prevent overeating.

Consume Fiber

Eat at least 2 and ½ cups of vegetables and 2 cups of fruits daily. Sufficient fiber consumption is beneficial in cleansing the toxins accumulated in your body.

Consuming fruits as a whole gives you more fiber as compared to drinking fruit juices. Make sure to stock up fresh fruits at home so that you can snack healthily at any time of the day.

Eat a Variety of Foods

A balanced diet should be consistent throughout the day. Be it breakfast or lunch, opt for healthier meal choices. This includes consuming a variety of food to ensure that the nutrients intake such as protein and fiber are of appropriate amount. It is important to have sufficient nutrients and vitamins to prevent diseases.

Whole Grains

Whole wheat, barley and oats are examples of whole grains that you can replace with white bread or rice. .As compared to the latter, whole grains contains a higher amount of fiber. Avoid refined grains as they have inadequate amount of fiber and nutrients.

Avoid Bad Cholesterol

Eat more fish and white meat than red meat. Saturated fats from red and processed meat are unhealthy for your body. Don’t forget to remove the skin of any poultry so as to reduce your fat intake. Good fats can be found in fish, nuts and oils instead of your regular chips.

Watch Your Sweets

Sweets have negative impact on your health if not consumed moderately. Foods high in sugar contribute to your weight gain and increases your appetite. Keep in mind sweet treats are usually high in fat and increases your calories intake as well.

Having a balanced diet doesn’t restrict you from your favourite snacks or sweets. You can still have a little bit of everything as long as you consume them in moderation.



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