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Healthy Eating On the Go

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Tips on sticking to a healthy diet

Looking for ways to be more productive in the day? Skipping meals and snacking isn’t the way to go. Instead, healthy eating is one of the few solutions that you should choose to boost your energy levels.

Here are some tips to for you to start your balanced diet:

Eat breakfast

Make it a point to eat your breakfast before starting the day. Create your own or search online for recipes to prepare a quick breakfast in the morning. Deli sandwich, multigrain cereal with fruits or sliced fruits are examples of a light breakfast.

You can also prepare overnight so that you can consume it while travelling to work.

Bring your water bottle

This helps to save money and restricts you from buying drinks that are high in sugar such as a latte. At the same time, your water bottle will serve as a reminder to hydrate yourself.

Stock up on healthy snacks

Find a corner to store healthy snack bars, nuts, grain crackers and dried fruits at your office or home. Refrain from purchasing chips and cookies. Always snack on vegetables or fruits instead of junk foods as you can satisfy your cravings while staying healthy.

Freeze your meal

If you don’t have time to cook your meals daily, prepare your meals a week ahead and store them in your freezer. Heat the meal up when you’re home. This is convenient and you can also save time and money by not ordering from a food delivery service.

For vegetables and fruits, simply spend less than three minutes to wash them. Remember to wash them only when you are ready to eat them. This prevents you from losing water-soluble nutrients when the vegetables are stored for too long.

Choose healthy options when eating out

Look for restaurants that provide you healthy meals such as steamed chicken. Avoid fast food restaurants despite the convenience and short queues. Opt for low-fat meals with healthy sides like fruits, salads or soup. Order a cup of fruit juice instead of sweet carbonated drinks such as Coke.

Watch your sugar intake

Keep your blood sugar in check wherever you go. You may be tempted to grab a slice of your favorite dessert nearby, but resist the cravings and go for a low-sugar dessert instead.

Scoop a teaspoon of natural sweetener instead of refined sugar when you are making a cup of coffee. Sugar is one of the negative influences in maintaining a healthy diet, especially when you have a sweet tooth.

Aim for a balanced diet so that you can still go for cheat meals once in a while. Feel free to indulge in sweet treats as long as you are able to consume in moderation.



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