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Can you last a day without a phone on 4 April?

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Research suggests that the vast majority of people check their phones every six-and-a-half minutes. From toddlers to your old folks, mobile phones have in many ways turned into an extension of the human body. And so giving rise to a modern malaise called ‘nomophobia’ – the fear of being without your mobile phone. In a survey done by the Bank of America, “nearly half of US adults – or 47% – said they wouldn’t last a full 24 hours without their smartphones”.

This is why we are in desperate need of a DIGITAL DIET.

Are you ready to take up the challenge? Can you put yourself to the test and go ONE DAY without your phone? No excuses, just leave it at home, or switch it off and put it in your bag.Refrain from touching it the whole day.

You can register your interest in taking part in this one day digital diet at this Facebook page.



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