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How to Cut Down Your Sugar Addiction

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Controlling your sweet tooth can help with healthy blood sugar levels and weight loss

It’s time to kick your sugar addiction before it affects your lifestyle negatively. Sugar gives you a temporary boost of energy. However, too much of it will give you diabetes and add to your weight count.

Here are some approaches you can take to curb your sugar cravings:

Look for alternatives

Eat healthier snacks instead of chocolate bars or sweets. Fresh fruits are good choices as it contains fructose which satisfies your cravings better. But too much of it will increase belly fat. Abstain from having pastries or muffins for breakfast as it’ll make you crave for more sweet treats in the day.

Drink more water

If you are tempted to consume sugary food or drinks, control it by drinking water. Not only does it satisfy your sweet cravings, it keeps your body hydrated. Combining a cup of green tea with natural lemon drops helps too.

Go for natural sweeteners

Give up white sugar as it’s fattening and unhealthy. Go for healthier alternatives such as stevia, raw honey and other natural sweeteners. If you’re a coffee addict, taste your coffee before adding the sugar. This controls your sugar consumption while drinking your favourite coffee.

Eat more vegetables 

Eating a wide variety of greens keep you from craving unhealthy foods. It’s better to replace your snacks with fruits and vegetables so that you can continue to snack while not indulging your sweet tooth.

Distract yourself

When your craving gets a little overwhelming, a distraction is good. Read a book or go for a jog. This helps you to stay active while taking your mind off the temptations of a sweet treat. You will definitely feel a sense of achievement if you counter your cravings with exercises.

Have regular meals

Do not skip meals, especially your breakfast, as you’ll tend to overeat throughout the day and have a higher chance of giving in to temptations. A hearty breakfast will give you ample energy to kick start your day. It will also enhance your work productivity and concentration, allowing you to achieve your goals.


For those with a strong sugar addiction, you can still get your fix as long as there’s a balance between healthy food and your treats. You may dip fresh fruits in dark chocolate or add almonds in your cookies. Slowly reduce your sugar intake and you’ll eventually be able to control your sweet tooth.

Treat yourself once in a while

While reducing your sugar consumption, you should also aim to reward yourself once in a while. Have a cheat meal but do not overdo it as it’ll easily trigger your addiction. You can even record the number or types of sweet treats you’ve consumed so that you’ll know your sugar consumption level.

With sugar being found in all kinds of food, minimising it in your diet is not an easy task. Be patient about cutting down on your addiction and you’ll definitely see the effects in the long run.



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