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Fresh Pressed In Singapore: In Conversation With David Ratner

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Selection of Fresh Pressed juices

Cold pressed juices and their bundled cleansing diets have been trending since the start of 2014.

A cold pressed juice and the process looks towards keeping the nutrients and enzymes from the fruits and vegetables intact, without oxidation or degradation that heat (found in a normal juicer due to the blade action) would remove.

The cold pressed juices, made up of fruits, veggies and herbs including greens such as apples, carrots, cucumbers, kale, pineapples and spinach, offer potential benefits such as weight loss, immunity boosts and colon and liver cleansing.

The Active Age spoke with Founder, David Ratner of Fresh Pressed in Singapore about his company and the benefits of cold pressed juices.

AA: What is Fresh Pressed about and why did you start the company?

DR: Fresh Pressed was born out of the founding team’s passion for healthy natural food. After a lifetime of walking into fast food joints selling heavily sugared, carb-ed out, fatty foods, the team dreamed of a place offering an alternative that tasted good and came without the customary side order of guilt.

Simply put, delicious fast food that was also healthy.

From this dream, the idea was born for a juice bar, offering cold pressed juices renowned for their health benefits paired with healthy food options, with the hope that one day, this concept can be on as many street corners as the guys selling the other stuff are.

AA: What is a Cold Press Juice and how is it different from normal juicing?

DR: Cold Pressed Juicing also known as slow pressed juicing is a method of juicing fruits and vegetables with a slow moving grinder instead of the more common fast moving blades. These fast moving blades create heat which kill some the nutrients in a juice.

The juice from cold pressed machines retains up to 5 times for more vitamins, minerals, and live enzymes than blended juices.

This is also why cold pressed juices are known as “Live” juices.

AA: What are some of the key benefits a customer can gain by drinking cold pressed juices regularly?

DR: When drank, these essential nutrients are absorbed by the body to help it remove toxins and fight a wide variety of illnesses.

Fruits and vegetables are known to have fantastic benefits and that is one of the reasons we are told to eat a lot of them on a daily basis, especially vegetables which are lower in sugars than fruits.

Unfortunately, it is tough to eat the recommend amount which is why consuming it in liquid form is a very convenient way to get all the nutrients we need to stay healthy.

AA:  What are the three most popular juices you have on your menu?

DR: They are,

Spicy tonic – a sweet pineapple and apple tonic with a kick of ginger

Liver scrub – apple, beet leaf, beetroot, carrot, celery, ginger

Smooth Skin – carrot, celery, apple, cucumber

AA: Where can customers find out abut the cost of the juices?

DR: All our juices are priced at SGD12 for 500ml. More information can be found on our website.

AA:  What’s your background?

DR: I’m a career entrepreneur with a successful track record of launching businesses in South East Asia. I have spent five years directly related to the F&B space, first launching the Asian Food Channel where I was responsible for ad sales and bringing celebrity chefs from around the world to Singapore for dining events.

Later, I set up 2 successful F&B restaurants in Indonesia which have become landmark establishments, one of which was nominated to the Miele Food Guide for South East Asia.

(All pictures courtesy of Fresh Pressed)




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