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M1 Launches New Europe Data Passport

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M1 expands its data roaming service to Europe, as well as three new regional destinations.

The Active Age previously shared about the launch of M1’s Data Passport Service earlier in July this year, and the new countries added to its Data Passport Service list earlier in September. The value-added service allows travellers to use their existing M1 data bundle overseas at a monthly subscription of SGD 10 per country.

M1 has now expanded this service to Europe with the launch of its new Europe Data Passport. At a single subscription of SGD 50 per month, customers can use the Europe Data Passport across Austria, Croatia, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Russia, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.

In addition to the new 15 European destinations, M1 Data Passport has also expanded to Australia, Thailand and the Phillipines at a monthly subscription of SGD 10 per country.

The Europe Data Passport list of countries and corresponding telco operators are as follows:

Destination                      Operator

Austria                                   T-Mobile

Croatia                                   T-Mobile

Czech Republic                    T-Mobile

France                                    Orange

Germany                               T-Mobile

Hungary                                T-Mobile

Italy                                         Wind

Netherlands                         T-Mobile

Poland                                   T-Mobile

Russia                                   MegaFon

Slovakia                                Telefonica

Spain                                     Telefonica

Sweden                                 Tele2 (Comviq)

Switzerland                          Swisscom

United Kingdom              Everything Everywhere

The list of new regional destinations and its corresponding telco operators are as follows:

Destination                      Operator

Australia                                Vodafone

Phillipines                             Globe Telecom

Thailand                                DTAC

Data Passport is now available for mobile and mobile broadband plans launched from 2012, in addition to plans launched in 2014.

Customers who exceed their data bundles will have to pay local excess data usage rates of SGD 10.70/GB, capped at SGD 188.32 per month. An SGD 2 one-time activation fee applies, with an additional SGD 5 for multi-SIM users.



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