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SIFA 2016: Everything By My Side

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For SIFA 2016, Fernando Rubio creates a uniquely Singaporean version of the performance piece, Everything By My Side, focusing on new space and time perspectives.

Throwing away all boundaries, Fernando Rubio challenges the notion of time and space with this extremely intimate and unforgettable performance featured as part of the Singapore International Festival of Arts (SIFA) 2016. A miniature play in bed, Everything By My Side was born after a dream as Argentine artist Rubio remembers a long-lost childhood story.

Co-starring Singaporean veteran actress Margaret Chan, Everything By My Side features 10 white beds and 10 actresses lying side by side with individual audience members, whispering childhood memories to their silent observers.

Performed in different types of public spaces all over the world, each fleeting encounter evokes an intimate, potential moment amidst a bustling city.

From 12 to 14 August, Everything By My Side will be staged at National Gallery Singapore. Individual performances will occur every 15 minutes for a duration of 10 minutes each.

Tickets are going at SGD 10. Visit here to register for your performance.



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