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The Worst, The Best and The Healthy Kinds of Midnight Snacks

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Here’s a list of midnight snacks for you eat at night without ruining your diet

To encourage good quality sleep, it is crucial to know the different types of food and time of the day that they should be consumed. Inappropriate food consumption might disrupt your sleeping habits, causing you to suffer from bad quality of sleep. This could affect your work productivity the following day.

Pay more attention to your eating habits if you’re on a weight loss program, especially during the few hours before bedtime. Midnight snacking tends to become an excuse to binge eat and consume fatty foods.


In an attempt to snack healthily, it is common for you to eat cereals before bedtime. Be sure to purchase high-fiber cereals instead of sugared ones. This helps you to control your blood sugar and hunger when you wake up the next day.

Add in non-fat yogurt for a different kind of flavour. Consuming such snacks will not affect your sleep. More importantly, it provides you with the right nutrients while letting you stay in shape.

Fast Food

Resisting fast food in the middle of the night will prevent you from feeling sluggish and tired the next day. Aim to control your cravings for high-calorie meals so that you will not steer away from your goals.

Go for a sandwich instead. Similar to Subway, you can prepare your own sandwich by cooking chicken breast or turkey meat and eating them with whole-grain bread. Avoid using sauces that are high in fat content such as mayonnaise. Add vegetables, spices or even herbs to make your sandwich healthier and tastier.


Loaded with caffeine, chocolate definitely affects your sleeping patterns if you are used to eating it before going to bed. Caffeine influences your nervous system through various ways. The effects include increased heart rate and temporary boost in thought processing.

To satisfy your sweet cravings at night, drink a glass of low-fat chocolate milk or grab a cracker topped with 1 tablespoon chocolate-hazelnut spread. Hot tea is also helpful in distracting you from those cravings.

You can also go for fruit slices which help to fulfill your cravings while providing you ample vitamins and minerals. Fruits can also help in recharging your body for the next day.

Spicy Food

Abstain from spicy food at night as it might cause indigestion. If you have a good tolerance for spiciness and won’t suffer from indigestion, remember that spicy food stimulates your senses, causing you to be more awake.

Red Meat

Avoid eating red meat late at night as your body needs time to digest it properly, resulting in less sleep.

Replace red meat with turkey or ham and remember to consume these proteins in small portions. As compared to large portions, small portions help your body to digest more efficiently.

A healthy diet should be practiced from the start till the end of your day. If possible, refrain from midnight snacking so that you would not worry about exceeding calories or putting on more weight. Remember, a good night’s rest is just a bite away.



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