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Stay Healthy for Your Heart

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Make adjustments to your lifestyle and prevent getting heart disease

Appreciate your heart by making healthy choices in your daily activities and eating habits. Make small changes at a time so that you can get used to the various adaptations.

Here are some tips to help you ease the transition for a better lifestyle:

Go for seven

Always remember the number seven when it comes to having sufficient sleep at night. Sleeping for at least 7 hours regularly keeps your arteries healthy whereas sleeping for 5 hours or less would affect the amount of calcium one has in their arteries.

Insufficient sleep also increases the risk of depression. You might also feel more stressed, resulting in you not being productive at work. Consult a doctor if you have difficulties achieving proper sleep.

Be physically active

Strive to complete a minimum 2 ½ hours of workout every week. Incorporating physical activities in your weekly schedule is good for your heart.

Physical activities include running and swimming. You can even stay active at work by standing more or take a longer walk during lunch break. Perhaps you can invest in a standing desk or take the stairs instead of the elevator.

Eat more fruits and vegetables

Instead of relying on fruit juice to attain your daily vitamins, you can also consume more plant-based food such as fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds for the same purpose. Incorporate these healthy foods in your regular diet and stay away from processed foods.

Not all fruit beverages are healthy for the body. Some could just contain sugar and water, without nutrients. If you’re seeking to fulfill your daily nutrient requirement, whole fruits and vegetables are the way to go.

Know how to deal with stress

Stress is inevitable in your daily life. Manageable stress motivates you to perform better and maximise your work potential. However, overwhelming stress might take a toll on your physical and mental health such as nausea and pessimism.

Talk to someone and share your stress by letting everything out. You can also go for meditation or yoga class with a buddy or your personal supporters such as your friends and family members

Ditch the cigarette(s)

Cigarette affect your cardiovascular system negatively. Not only will this bad habit cause you to crave for more nicotine, it will also leave you feeling tired. Smoking increases the risk of developing blood clot and blood pressure.

People around you, especially your family and friends, are also prone to suffer from the effects of secondhand smoke when you smoke in front of them. Find your motivation to quit smoking so that you will not bring more harm to yourself and your family.


If you’re feeling stressed, upset or angry, just simply laugh. Laughter is an effective way to reduce negative emotions and ease tension in your cardiovascular system by helping your blood vessels to function properly.

Laughter also helps to minimise the risk of heart attack and lower blood sugar levels for diabetic people.

Observe your blood pressure

Check your blood pressure from time to time. This allows you to be more aware of your emotions in certain situations to reduce any incidents of high blood pressure.

Avoid having high blood pressure as it will cause your heart to pump harder, at the expense of straining your heart and blood vessels.

Pay attention to these tips so as to prevent heart-related diseases in future. Always remember that a healthy heart leads to a happier and stable lifestyle!



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