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Transform your office into your personal workout space

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How to Exercise at Work

Here are several “deskercises”, or desk workouts, that can help you improve your fitness and endurance levels while at your desk.

Office Chair Swivel

If you are always sitting down at work, this exercise is just for you! Simply sit down with your back straight and swivel your chair without allowing your feet to touch the floor. Place your fingertips on the edge of your table for support. Twist your body left and right, for at least ten twists on each side. You might want to do this simple workout at least three times a day and combine it with other deskercises shared in this article.

Toe Tapping

Tap your toes speedily below your desk. Not only does this mini workout keep you active, it also helps you to stay awake during the day. Turn on the radio, swivel and groove to the rhythm and make this fun.

Take the Stairs

Instead of riding the elevator, increase your heart rate by taking the stairs to your office. Challenge yourself by taking two steps at a time at every other flight. By climbing the stairs regularly, it helps to increase your stamina and burn more fats and calories.

Calf Raises

You will need several moments to do this exercise. Pick a time when you are sitting at your desk, waiting at the printer or even at the pantry while waiting for your food to heat up. Lift your heels off the ground and bring them down until you touch the floor. Remember to stay in balance by placing the ball of your foot on a stable ground. Repeat this as many times as you want.

Make Rounds

Instead of sending emails to your colleagues, take a stroll and visit them for a coffee break or short interaction. You can also use this chance to visit the washroom or replenish food from the pantry.


Do at least 5 squats before you sit down at your desk. Make sure your feet are shoulder-width apart. Simply tap your seat lightly with your rear and push it back up. You can also bring small dumbbells to your office and use it with your squat exercises.

If you happen to be alone in the office or are extremely comfortable with your colleagues, feel free to workout and do squat variations such as the body-weight jump squat where you squat and jump.


Always stand up and stretch your arms, legs or any part of your body occasionally. This helps to prevent sore and stiff muscles at the end of the day. Stretching also improves your blood circulation and flexibility, allowing your muscles to work efficiently.


Sitting down for too many hours might lead to an increased risk for diabetes, obesity and various cardiovascular diseases. Organise standing meetings with your colleagues or use a standing desk to improve body posture and lessen eye strain. Standing also lets you work on your core strength, and contributes to a better posture.



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