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Foods to Eat Before, During and After Workout

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Complement your workout with a healthy diet to achieve best results

It’s tough to attain your desired goals just by exercising. Reap the full benefits of a healthy lifestyle by finding out what types of food to eat before, during and after workouts. Consuming food before exercising enhances your performance and helps you avoid overeating after the workout.

Before Workout

Always have a light snack before working out. Exercising on an empty stomach is not recommended as you may not have adequate energy to burn once you start your workout routines. This is especially true if you begin your exercise routine in the mornings when you first wake up. Your metabolism also slows down when your body starts burning protein from your muscles to function. This makes it harder for you to lose weight in the long run.


Eating a banana can give you sufficient energy to exercise and also keep your muscles in shape while burning calories. Bananas are easy to digest, helps in replenishing water and mineral salt losses and  aids in fluid absorption.

Whole grain cereal

Fill a bowl of your cereal with milk to boost your energy levels before working out. Replace sugar coated cereals and keep your sugar intake at a minimum.


Loaded with fiber and sugar, this workout buddy stays in your body and progressively releases sugar into your system. It also allows you to workout for a longer duration, therefore helping you burn more calories.

During Workout

Always stay hydrated. Bring a water tumbler with you. Control your water consumption rate as you do not want to exercise with a bloated stomach. Take sips, not gulps when drinking.

You might want to prepare nuts, raisins or energy bars in case you need an extra boost of energy halfway through your routine.

After Workout

Chicken Breast

Fill your stomach with nutrient-rich dishes such as lean chicken breast meat and pair with olive oil and vegetables. To lessen your calorie intake, avoid high in fat content dressings such as Thousand Island sauce.


Wraps and subs are also recommended post-workout meals as they are loaded with carbohydrates. They restore the energy that you’ve lost while exercising.  Sandwiches are also easy and convenient to make it within minutes. You can also eat it while walking to your next appointment.


Always fill your diet with sufficient protein and carbs after your workout routines. Do not overeat. Eggs are also good sources of Vitamin D and omega-3 fatty acids, which helps in reducing muscle damage in your body.

Be effective in your workout routines by eating healthily. Abstain from unhealthy snacks or simply munch on fruits if you need to satisfy your hunger in between meals. Do treat yourself to a good meal once in a while as a form of reward for your workout progress.



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