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The Best Time to Exercise

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Achieve the best results by exercising at the correct timing

There’s no specific timing to burn calories effectively. However, there are specific periods in the day where it could greatly affect your mood and motivation while exercising.

If you have irregular sleeping patterns, adjust your body clock to a normal sleeping routine. Not only does it provide you with good sleep quality; it also allows you to have sufficient energy throughout the day. A hectic schedule requires proper time management to ensure that you have time to sweat it out.

Morning Exercise

If you are used to waking up early in the morning, plan a morning workout routine so that you will have time for the rest of the day to complete your daily responsibilities. Plan your deadlines properly in order to make time for both rest and exercise.

For those who want to combat sleeping problems, exercising in the morning affects your sleep quality at night. This could be an ideal solution if you are seeking for ways to tune your body clock. Avoid exercising late at night to prevent your body from producing too much hormones and high levels of heart rate and body temperature.

Have a healthy breakfast after working out to recharge your body with energy for the day. Drink lots of water as well to replenish the mineral loss during your workout routines.

Hitting the gym in the morning saves you waiting time for the equipment and machines. If you start work before noon, you might want to visit the gym before going out.

Late Afternoon / Evening Exercise

You can also plan your workout routine after work. Some find it easier to get into momentum after being active for the whole day. Working out during lunch break is not an uncommon sight. Split your break into half – first half to work out, second half for lunch. Avoid skipping meals as your body needs nutrients and proteins to recharge itself.

If the gym is always crowded, use the crowd as a motivation to work out harder. Make friends with other gym members. Not only will you find your own supporters, they will also help you to train better.

If you’re a heavy sleeper who finds it hard to wake up in the morning, exercising at a later part of the day might be appropriate for you. Do not exercise if you’re feeling too tired. Having a lack of awareness might cause you to injure yourself easily.

Working out in the afternoon also saves you from binge eating. Be determined to cultivate a healthy lifestyle so that your mind would stay focused as well. If need be, replace those chips with fresh cut fruits or even tomatoes so that you would not exceed your calories intake when snacking.

Listen to Your Body

Always take your body’s readiness into consideration when you’re planning a workout routine. Adjust your schedule to make time for exercise if you want to achieve a healthier lifestyle. If you really do not have time, at least squeeze in a 10-15 minutes workout any time of the day. Short exercise is always better than not exercising at all.



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