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What is face reading?

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Face Reading (or Mian Xiang) was originally utilised by the imperial advisors of Ancient China to size up foreign dignitaries for more positive interactions.

Since then, the Art of Face Reading has become a classical metaphysics study which takes conventional physiognomy one step further. This ancient art does not only unveil one’s personality quirks and behavioral patterns but also one’s destiny and overall fortune in life – all achieved by relying on anatomical indicators.

How Can Face Reading Help You In Your Career & Personal Life?
Words may lie but faces don’t.

Face Reading affords you great insight into what people really think, what makes them tick and what they’re made of. You can even use Face Reading to ensure your potential business partners are trustworthy and will help you in your businesses; simply by analyzing the moles on their faces.

Additionally, the same moles on a person’s face and Face Reading techniques, can also tell you if your potential love interest is a little too wild in the sheets! Harness such knowledge from facial cues to help close business deals, understand what your spouse really means when she says “No” or to establish better teamwork at the workplace!

How Does Face Reading Relate To Your Health?
The face provides subtle hints of impending health concerns well before the physical symptoms are felt. By understanding which facial features to focus on, not only can you gauge when a person will fall ill, you may in some cases even discern what illness or health concern it will be.

5 Quick Face Reading Tips

  • If you need someone to handle a job demanding great discretion and analytical prowess, look for someone with small and long eyes as it denotes a person who is shrewd, meticulous, slightly calculative and allergic to kiss and tell.
  • Looking for a man who loves you for you and not for physical pleasure? Be wary of those with unbalanced lips – especially when the lower lip is particularly thick – as it denotes a man who cares about the sex over an emotional connection.
  • Curved eyebrows imply fickleness and a weak will, which makes people with such a trait more likely to cave in to your sales pitch or promotional offers.
  • Worried a loved one might be suffering from a kidney problem in secret? Take a look at their ears – if it’s a skin colour that’s significantly darker than the rest of the face, it’s not a good health sign.
  • Want to be sure the person you’re lending money to will be worth the investment? Look at their nose – if the tip is large, bulbous and downward dipping, it’s a good indicator the individual has good wealth generation capacity.

Article contributed by Dato’ Joey Yap for Joey Yap’s Face Reading Academy



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