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Why You Should Eat More Vegetables

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Shift to a healthier lifestyle by more eating leafy greens

As we head towards the end of the year, it’s time to re-evaluate our eating habits in 2017. There can be many reasons for the reevaluation including optimising your workout routine, increasing energy levels or just trying to feel less bloated after every meal.

Obviously, you’ve heard about eating a lot of fruits and vegetables to keep your body healthy and strong. However, just how much of these produce do you incorporate in your regular menu? Do you know how much important leafy greens are when it comes to your fitness?

Here are some reasons why you should start eating more greens:

Rich in minerals.

Your body needs minerals in order to function during the day. It’s important to have large amounts of macro minerals every day to keep you from getting tired too soon. Leafy vegetables are a great source of macro minerals to keep you going.

Rich in calcium.

If you think you’re not getting enough calcium in your body, this is the perfect time to stock up on your green leafy vegetables. Keep in mind that you need these raw building blocks even though you’re taking other calcium supplements.

Rich in fibre. Your body needs fibre in order to cleanse the toxins out on a regular basis. It’s important to have a substantial amount of dietary fiber to help manage your weight, promote healthy digestion and regular bowel movement.

Fibre is really a wonder food. It keeps you feeling full during the day, allowing you to get rid of your binge eating habits in the long run. At the same time, it is good for people with high blood sugar to help reduce the risk of diabetes. It’s better to get your fiber from natural sources rather than depending on other fiber drinks.

It’s not to late to start planning more healthy tweaks to your diet in 2018. Start getting to know the varieties of green leafy vegetables to have something new to toss in your salad every day.



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