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Bone Marrow Donor Programme’s flagship event Match for Life goes online

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The Bone Marrow Donor Programme (BMDP) organises a series of community related events to create awareness amongst the general public, in the hope of increasing marrow donor sign-ups. They do so with the purpose of increasing the chances of finding a match for every patient.

BMDP first launched ‘Match For Life’ (MFL) in 2019 with the aim to raise awareness for blood related diseases by rallying the community through a series of sports related activities

This year, MFL 2020 goes virtual with the theme “It Takes a Village to Save a Life”. The event continues to use sports to support the vision and mission of BMDP, and also highlight that it takes more than one person to allow for a successful transplant to be made possible.

MFL 2020 will present a series of online sporting activities presented by fitness partners, health-related webinars fronted by renowned experts, as well as fun and engaging social media activities. This event launched on 19 September 2020 and will run until 10 October 2020. .

The pandemic has resulted in a global impact on life and it has forced us to step back and assess what is really important in our lives. It has made us all realise that at the end of the day, health is important, family and friends are precious. The ability to love, care for and give of ourselves to others is part of being human. Through this event, we hope to continue raising awareness of blood diseases and also to debunk myths relating to marrow donation, while allowing the public to enjoy guided activities at home with their families.

Mr Charles Loh, Chief Executive Officer of the BMDP
Bone Marrow Donor Programme

The Sports Series is comprised of both open and closed-door 1-hour sessions and will include virtual workouts lead by partners o such as Lion City Sailors Football Club, F45 Paya Lebar, TFX and True Fitness, 1Fiesta, Sculpt-Fit Society, 120 Fitness SG and Singapore Polytechnic. BMDP is offering early bird giveaways for the first 200 participants who register and attend the sessions.

Bone Marrow Donor Programme

BMDP’s Marrow 101 is a series of five virtual sessions aimed at raising awareness of transplants and marrow donations. The sessions will feature first-hand accounts from a stem cell recipient and a marrow donor. As with the sports series, there will be an early bird giveaway for the first 200 participants who register and attend the insightful session.

The next webinar from BMDP’s Marrow 101 Series includes a short sharing on the importance of marrow donation and will run for 15-30 minutes.  According to the programme shared by BMDP, the session will help individuals find out more about marrow donation through the sharing and participate in mass virtual swabs to enhance their experience of online signup.

More information on Match For Life 2020 here. Registration for the webinar can be done at here and for workout sessions here.