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Bose SoundTouch Updates Its Lineup

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Bose SoundTouch updates its app and its product lineup, making Wi-Fi music systems much simpler to use.

Wi-Fi Music Systems can be rather challenging to set up – the fact of the matter is that wireless systems inadvertently adds a layer of complication on top of things, especially when they don’t work.

If you aren’t married to a specific speaker setup in your mind, you can consider a rather simple and elegant solution from Bose: the SoundTouch series is built on simplicity of use, and designed to be controlled via an easy-to-use app of the same name. The SoundTouch app is available for iOS and Android.

SoundTouch UI








To maximise the capabilities of the SoundTouch series of speakers, you’d need to master the SoundTouch app – with it, you can control the source of music, add new SoundTouch compatible devices over the net, as well as control the source for individual speakers around the house – and mastering the app is easy. The SoundTouch is so stripped down, all you need is just a short period of time navigating the app before you realise how straightforward it is.

Six Buttons








The theme of simplicity is very well-defined: SoundTouch Wi-Fi systems come with six physical preset buttons, which is really dandy for people who prefer a no-frills interface and just need to be turn it on and off. You can simply preset the buttons to play specific internet streams from Deezer and Spotify, or your playlists from your local server (home server).

Unfortunately, there’s one downside to this simplicity lark. Bluetooth connectivity is noticeably absent, and the SoundTouch series only supports Airplay if you wish to play music off your mobile device; for Android users that’s a big damp squib. However, if you are an iOS user, or an Android user who’s more concerned about network and Spotify/Deezer play, then it doesn’t get much simpler than Bose’s SoundTouch systems. As of now, the SoundTouch family has been updated, and is currently available at

The SoundTouch 20 and SoundTouch 30 now come in both white and black. The SoundTouch Stereo JC Series II Wi-Fi music system has also been updated. Even the Lifestyle Series III (home entertainment) and CineMate (home theatre) line of products are now SoundTouch compatible as well, effectively covering all your audio requirements at home.

Prices and Availablility

All are available at the Atlas e-store starting today.

SoundTouch Portable Series II S$639

SoundTouch 20 Series II Wi-Fi S$639

SoundTouch 30 Series II Wi-Fi (Featured pic) S$1,099

CineMate home theatre systems from S$1,879, additional SoundTouch adapter S$199

SoundTouch Stereo JC Series II Wi-Fi S$2,599

Lifestyle Series III home entertainment systems from S$4,599.




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