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Dr Nathan Newman, Mastermind of the Luminesce™ growth factor complex

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Jeunesse Global, a global health, wellness and beauty company, held their first-ever conference  in Singapore to address defensive aging and the use of cellular technologies

Nathan Newman

The conference was also the launch of Jeunesse Global’s two new products in Singapore: AM & PM Essentials, a dietary supplement for morning and night and the NV BB (Blemish Balm) Perfecting Mist Foundation that covers skin imperfections.

Nathan Newman

Dr Nathan Newman is the mastermind behind the Luminesce™ growth factor complex, a key ingredient in many of Jeunesse’s anti-ageing products. Dr Newman is lauded in America for being a pioneer in the use stem cells to reconstruct a cancer patient’s jaw, as well as being an aesthetic doctor to the Hollywood elite. Dr Newman also introduced the anti-aging technology behind the NVTM BB (Blemish Balm) Perfecting Mist Foundation.

We spoke with Dr.  Nathan Newman about stem cell technology and anti-ageing. 

Active Age (AA): What are some the key ways that stem cell technology is changing the beauty industry?

Dr. Newman (NN): Today’s beauty industry leverages growth factors in stem cells to provide the messaging molecules for triggering the production of proteins such as collagen and elastin, for healthier and younger-looking skin. The Jeunesse NV™ addresses the growing demand for skincare products that feature stem cell repair technology. As the latest in Jeunesse Global’s Y.E.S. (Youth Enhancement System), Jeunesse NV™ helps blur skin imperfections, resulting in an enviable glow.

Jeunesse NV™ is actually formulated with APT-200™— a Jeunesse-exclusive, youth-enhancing, advanced special growth factor derived from the adipose stem cell. APT-200™ contains over 200 polypeptides, which can repair and rejuvenate skin cells and even scars. These polypeptides communicate with the body nerve cell to deliver a “youth message” for reducing visible fine lines and wrinkles and restoring the skin’s youthful radiance.

Aside from Jeunesse NV™, Jeunesse Global also has a slew of other anti-ageing topical products, including its Luminesce lineup, which allows consumers to achieve the same effects as in-office cosmetic procedures.

AA: How much should the woman on the street know about the technology behind the treatments and why?

NN: Oftentimes, vanity gets the better of most women and lures them into availing treatments that do not really solve the root problem. Women should be able to have some knowledge on the right treatments and technology for effective beauty enhancement.

At Jeunesse Global, we hope to advise people on achieving optimal wellness and beauty through proper consumer education. We recently held the “Redefining Youth Medical Conference”, which shed light on the latest defensive aging breakthroughs, including the Jeunesse NV™, which includes a BB Perfecting Mist Primer, Foundation and Shimmer for covering skin imperfections and boasting an enviable, professional airbrush-like finish.

Attendees learned about the ease of application and effectiveness of the Jeunesse NV™ as beauty expert and celebrity make-up artist Yolanda Halston and Jeunuesse Global’s Senior Director of Digital Strategy Cassiah Jay applied the products on models with various skin tones and skin types during the conference.

As a pioneer in youth enhancement, Jeunesse Global will continue to invest in technology such as cellular restoration and stem cell research to slow down the ageing process in humans and help them achieve a radiant, youthful look.

AA: In your opinion, is beauty and anti-ageing about maintaining youthfulness or about making the best of the body/skin conditions at any age?

NN: Beauty and anti-ageing involves a mix of both: maintaining one’s youth while making the best of body & skin conditions at any age. We are focused on holistic wellness, which allows consumers to look and feel young with visible and lasting results. Our products contain advanced formulations based on the latest breakthroughs in stem cell research and cellular restoration technology; and we hope to help more people adopt a holistic approach towards defensive aging through a synergistic combination of skincare and supplements.

This is why we launched AM & PM Essentials ™, a pair of dietary supplements containing synergistic blends for maintaining healthy biorhythms, supporting critical biological processes and combating aging symptoms around the clock, alongside Jeunesse NV™. AM & PM Essentials ™ lengthens and restores short telomeres, which play a pivotal role in the aging process, and this complements our Jeunesse NV™ lineup, which is not only easy to apply, but also effective across various skin tones and skin types.



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