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Fire In Your Belly To Lose Weight

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Gold nanoparticles may be used to melt away fat in the near future.

Liposuction might be the current popular method of instant body fat reduction, but it is not perfect nor foolproof as bruising can occur and the inadvertent removal of connective tissue and nerves along with fat cells. Two researchers, however, are looking at developing what seems to be a better form of liposuction – a process that involves the usage of injected gold nanoparticles to melt the fat.

This process is the brainchild of University of California’s nanomedicine expert Adah Almutairi, who with her brother Khalid, a plastic and reconstructive surgeon have discovered that by injecting gold nanoparticles into fat deposits and then heating them up using near-infrared light, one can effectively liquify the fats while leaving the other cells unharmed. A liposuction needle is then inserted in to suck the melted fat and nanoparticles out, making it a minimally invasive procedure as compared to traditional liposuction.

Known as NanoLipo, this technology is being developed by startup firm eLux Medical.


















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