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Hell Bent For Leather

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The new LG G4 will make the headlines for its devastatingly cutting-edge camera, but one of the talking points about the new LG G4 has got to be its full leather back.

Phone manufacturers have flirted with the idea over the years; and more recently Samsung went with a more pragmatic synthetic material on its Galaxy Note 3. However the truth is, there’s no substitute for the real thing, especially on a premium device that costs a thousand dollars, and the new LG G4 is proof of that.

LG certainly has spared no expense in making it happen – and it certainly doesn’t look like they’ve cut corners too. The phone’s leather back is well crafted, feels good in your hands, and more importantly gives you the confidence that it can take its share of day-to-day abuse. LG has also released a corporate video to take us through the making of its leather back cover.

LG certainly has no qualms in letting you know the great lengths they have gone to make sure it works. They claim that they start off with blemish-free, full grain bovine leather of the finest quality, produced from cattle living in altitudes above 1,800m to ensure that they are free from insect bites. They also claim that only 10% of the world’s leather is processed with the same 200 year-old vegetable tanning method that it uses for these cases. The method is said to make the leather more durable and unique. To top it off, the final wrap is done by hand, capping a three month process to make one leather G4 cover.

LG G4 Brown

But if appearances of your phone don’t really matter, the appearance of your pictures surely do. The tale of the tape for the G4’s cameras are impressive to say the least. It has a 16-megapixel rear camera and a 8-megapixel front camera, and the wide f1.8 aperture on its rear camera is ‘best in class’ and also makes it easier to take better shots in low light situations. The rear camera is also blessed with an optical image stabiliser, laser-assisted focusing, as well as a colour spectrum sensor. To top it off, you can shoot photos in full manual mode, and save them as digital negatives (RAW). It is certainly one of the most advanced smartphone cameras in the market right now, if not the most.

From 15-24 May 2015, you can register your interest at M1 and Starhub to receive additional exclusive premiums worth up to S$292 when you purchase a new LG G4. The package will include a 64GB MicroSD card, an extra battery and charger cradle, as well as a genuine leather Quick Circle Cover (for purchases of the LG G4 in leather), and are available while stocks last.


From left: Shiny Gold, Metallic Gray, Leather Black, Red and Brown



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