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How to Eat in Moderation

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Do not deprive your body of food, eat in moderation instead.

Struggling with food choices is a problem for many people. You should know the difference between the good and bad choices. If you are looking to lose weight effectively, you should keep track of the amount of food you eat.

Selecting healthy food choices is good but it is advisable to control your consumption intake if you are on a weight loss program.

Starving your body of food is harmful yet at the same time, eating too much is not good as well. Therefore, always remember that moderation is the key to eating.

Eat What You Like

As long as you control your portions well, you can treat yourself to your favourite food and snack once in a while. Having certain cravings does not mean you have to indulge in those food right away. Purchase air-tight bags and split your snacks into various portions.

If you are starving, think of the food that will satisfy your cravings the most. This helps to prevent you from consuming snacks in between meals.

Try to switch your preferences to healthier alternatives so that you would not have to worry about exceeding your calories when you snack.

Create your Eating Principle

Incorporate fruits and vegetables in your menu  to help cultivate a healthier lifestyle.  At the same time, occasionally treat yourself to a good meal. Perhaps you could be stricter when dining at home and more flexible on your diet when you’re dining with friends.

Remember to have 3 meals a day so that your body does not feel deprived of food. This could lead to poor eating habits such as binge eating.

Food is Meant to be Enjoyed

Besides eating just to fill our stomachs and satisfy our hunger, eating is also a form of enjoyment. However, poor health and weight gain is resulted from an overindulgence in food.

By learning to eat in moderation, not only are you able to eat your favourite foods, you do not need to worry about exceeding your calories intake.

Give Yourself a Break

It’s perfectly fine if you fail at your first attempt of sticking to a healthy diet. Be positive and give yourself another chance to do better. If you have a hard time learning to eat in moderation, you can share your food with a friend or embark on your weight loss program together.



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