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Learning To Cycle

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Cycling is more than just a cardio workout

With Singapore’s Ministry of Transport and the Land Transport Authority (LTA) promoting walking, cycling and public transport to be the main mode of transport, why not take this chance to cultivate a healthier lifestyle?

Cycling as an aerobic activity provides health benefits such as helping to lower blood pressure and enhance blood circulation.

Here are several facts about cycling that might motivate you to pick up cycling.

Health benefits

Providing similar cardio perks as jogging, cycling also helps lower your cholesterol levels and build your stamina. By forcing yourself to pedal, your heart and lungs work harder as well, which improves blood circulation and breathing function. Cycling also reduces the risk of being obese.

Similar to many types of workouts, cycling can help to relieve stress by releasing endorphins in your body. Endorphins have been described as a “happiness triggers”. It also helps to boost your immune system and this will help prevent you from falling sick easily.

Contributes to Saving the Environment

Besides recycling wastage, you can also play a part in saving the environment by cycling to work or various destinations. This help to lessen your carbon footprint and save expenses on petrol as compared to driving a car.

By incorporating bike-commuting into your lifestyle, you need not worry about traffic jams or insufficient parking spot at the car park. Practice road etiquette and give way to pedestrians if you are cycling on the pavements so as to lower the chances of a road accident.

For a convenient route to work, you can also check out the various park connectors and cycle routes around Singapore. Park connectors in Singapore include the Eastern Coastal Loop, Central Urban Loop and more.

Weight Loss

Counted as a moderate-intensity cardio activity, you can look forward to burning lots of calories. If you are aiming to shed some pounds, cycling is definitely an interesting workout to be implemented in your schedule.

Make sure to cultivate a healthy diet if you’re on a weight loss program so as to lose weight more efficiently.

Bone Health 

As you age, your bones will start deteriorating through conditions such as osteoporosis. Incorporate resistance training when you are out cycling so that the risk of contracting osteoporosis or other bone illnesses are kept minimal.

You might also want to consume foods that are rich in calcium and Vitamin D to enhance your bone health. If you are looking to build your bone strength or density, you can plan workout routines that consist of weight lifting or strength training.

Better Cardiovascular Fitness

Cycling enhances your endurance levels, allowing you to exercise longer and harder. Integrating interval training will help to develop your circulatory and respiratory systems. With a better cardiovascular health, you will be more productive through the day.




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