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Lose 4% Body Fat in 45 Days? Mission Possible with the F45 Challenge.

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Bryan Lim wanted to be more serious about health during the pandemic. He discovered the F45 Challenge, eating cleanly and consistent exercise helped with his health goals.

As many struggled with gaining weight during the pandemic lockdown and other movement-based restrictions, Bryan managed to do the opposite. He used his time during the pandemic to get serious about becoming healthier.

To do so, he embarked on a journey with fitness brand and programme F45. F45 is a programme specifically designed to provide a functional full-body workout while improving energy levels, metabolic rate, strength, and endurance.

Each class is a HIIT workout and no workout is the same. F45 offers 3 cardio and 3 resistance days with 1 super circuit that has both resistance and cardio.

Specifically, Bryan worked on the F45 Challenge. This challenge is a 45-day nutrition and training program focused on holistic well-being. The combination of F45’s style of training and the challenge meal plans is designed to help members transform their lives.

The Active Age had a discussion with Bryan about his motivations about keeping healthy, why he decided to take on the F45 Challenge, and how he continues to maintain his gains post-challenge.

the Active Age (AA): How has the pandemic changed your mindset about wanting to be and staying healthy?

Bryan Lim (BL): With the current pandemic situation, I got more serious about wanting to be healthy to improve my immunity against COVID-19.

AA: How did you get introduced to F45?

BL: I was on the internet looking for a gym to join and just happened to stumble upon F45 and its concept. I decided to sign up for a trial and I was hooked by the dynamic format and atmosphere after.

AA: What were the factors that made you decide to try their F45 challenge?

BL: I was already starting to lose weight by going regularly to F45 classes then, and the owners and coaches encouraged me to join the challenge. I also wanted to challenge myself and see how far my body could take me on my fitness transformation.

AA: Can you share what you did during the F45 challenge?

BL: I really focused on my nutrition and diet and also continued to go for F45 sessions at least 5-6 times a week.

AA: What did you do to maintain your health gains thereafter?

BL: I continue to look after my diet and also regular exercise to keep the weight off.

AA: What would you share with other people that are looking to reset their health and wellness goals?

BL: Never ever give up trying and start off with nutrition. Fitness is now a big part of my lifestyle because of F45, and doing the F45 Challenge has instilled that nutrition is the foundation and you can never out train a bad diet.

F45 shares some tips on working out at home

Keep your regular workout routine: Working out at home can be tough, and the inertia to begin can be especially high when the bed or sofa is just next to you. Fret not, F45 is bringing back F45 Live and workout classes will still be held via Zoom. Be sure to check your local F45 gym for workout schedules and stick to it!

Set goals: After fighting through the inertia, the tough part is to keep going and not give up prematurely. A useful tip would be to set a timer and do not end the session before the timer rings (45 minutes would be the best). If you have a smartwatch, setting different goals like target calorie burn could be a goal to work towards as well.

No equipment, no problem!: Don’t have dumbbells or the heavy duty gym equipment at home? No problem! There are many workout moves that do not require any equipment at all – just your body weight and gravity. Small (and affordable) equipment such as resistance bands can be purchased easily online too.  

Nutrition: For inspiration to keep on track with your fitness goals, download the F45 Challenge app via the App Store or Google Play store. The app has specially planned meals and recipes for you to follow for a balanced diet – with calories, carbs and proteins all calculated for you – the app is free to download for all and even non-F45 members can sign up for a free account to access a wide range of recipes.

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