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LTA To Implement Priority Queue Programme

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In a move towards a more gracious society, LTA will implement Priority Queues at platform screen doors and passenger lifts of all MRT stations.

These queues will complement the current queue lines provided for commuters to let passengers alight from trains before entering. The Priority Queue will cater to needy commuters such as the elderly, pregnant and parents travelling with strollers; and allow them to enter the trains and lifts first.

The Land Transport Authority (LTA) has worked with SMRT and SBS Transit to first implement the Priority Queue stickers at six MRT stations. The six stations – Novena (North-South Line), Outram Park (East-West Line and North East Line), Chinatown (North East Line), Sengkang (North East Line) and Kent Ridge (Circle Line) – were chosen for their close proximity to hospitals and high usage by seniors. Priority Queue stickers have been placed at the platform screen doors and passenger lifts at these six stations. The locations at the platform screen doors will correspond to the wheelchair parking space allocated in the train car. They are also generally closer to the lifts and away from the escalators where traffic is the heaviest.

A survey will be conducted over two months to gather public feedback. Based on the feedback received, LTA may modify the design of the Priority Queue before calling a tender to roll out the markings at all MRT and LRT stations.




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