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New Fitness Club Powered By Technogym Opens In Singapore

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First gym in Singapore by Technogym Master Trainers offers new training facilities and classes.

For those of you who want a more unconventional workout that comprises of more natural and effective methods of movement, there’s a new fitness facility in town. Known as Kinetika, it is a fitness facility powered by Technogym’s patented training system – Kinesis and ARKE.

Kinetika is located in The Grandstand at Turf City and is fronted by two Technogym Master Trainers, Ghaneswaran Sukumaran and Santhi Haridass who were both trained and certified in Italy. Upon entering Kinetika, guests will be greeted by a row of sleek, futuristic exercise machines known as Kinesis, a training system that focuses on natural movements of the human body using an innovative patent-pending 3D pulley system that allows 360° tri- dimensional movements to provide a balance between conventional strength training and functional training. This allows different exercises to be executed with ease, and the pulley system also enables people from all body- types to train with ease, which is great for older people, even if they happen to nurse a physiological ailment or injury.

Another highlight at Kinetika is its core-centric ARKE training classes. ARKE’s equipment is divided into four categories with each one bearing the name of a natural element of the Greek philosophic tradition and is identified by a different colour scheme and shape, according to the type, energy intensity and the position in which they are used: Earth (green) for stability and proprioception; Water (blue) for agility and balance; Fire (red) for adaptability and control; Air (orange) for dynamism and reactivity, with each of these elements allowing for the most effective and complete training experience.




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