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Tips for paying lower insurance premiums for your car

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Car insurance can be a tricky matter considering how many different companies and policies there are out there. This article looks at various tips that you can utilise to pay lower insurance premiums.

Car Insurance – what’s it all about? The world of insurance can seem more complicated at times than going on a prey treasure hunt in the dark! Once you’ve acquired your vehicle, it’s time to choose from the multitude of options, and this can seem daunting at first. Fortunately, we are here to help you.

Let’s look at how you can get a lower premium and cheap car insurance.

Consider increasing the deductible payable.

It is usually the case that if you pay greater deductibles, then you can enjoy a lower premium. When we talk about the deductible, we are referring to the amount that the insurance company requires you to pay from your pocket when you make a claim. However, this should only be an option if you’ve got the money. An accident can occur at any moment!

Mindful Driving Cuts Costs

In essence, drive safely! This should go without saying, but it is an important point is nonetheless. The more mindful you can be on the road, the less likely you will engage in accidents, thereby increasing your insurance rate. Points on your license can lead to higher car insurance quotes for those unaware.

Take a Defensive Driving Course

Many insurance companies will provide discounts if you have completed a driving course in this day and age. If you have committed an offense, you could also reduce the number of points on your license by taking one of these courses. Make sure that you ask your insurance company to see if this discount is applicable before signing up. You need to make sure that the effort put into a driving course adds up in insurance savings before you go ahead and do it.

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Shop Around for Better Premiums

It’s important to check car insurance policies frequently and shop around for the best premiums. This is especially the case when your policy is about to be renewed, as premiums can fluctuate. It makes sense to have a look frequently at what other companies can offer, just in case there are lower rates to snatch. Remember that going with a low price isn’t always the smartest thing to do, so do take into account every aspect of service. The most important thing to check is the company’s financial strength, so go deep and do your research!

Use Mass Transit

Companies generally begin with questionnaires, often asking how many miles you drive a year. If you are only driving two or three hours a day, you will probably pay more insurance premium than someone who drives 1 mile. Wherever you can, use mass transit to rack up fewer miles. It is important to note that you need to drop your mileage significantly before you can get a discount. Always check with every policy so that you don’t waste any effort.

Larger Cars Cost More

It can be incredibly exciting to purchase a large SUV, but ensuring one of these bad boys is going to be far more expensive than a safe and reliable commuter car, even if you do need it to find the desert treasure! Many companies out there can offer discounts if you buy alternative fuel vehicles. If you feel like you can protect the environment and save money at the same time, this is an important point to bear.

Study the discounts offered and try to meet the demands

A lot of companies can offer some sort of discount when you meet their criteria. Try to make your car accident-proof, safe, and also thief-proof to get lower premiums. You can do this by installing better airbags, seat belts, and car alarms, amongst other features. Discounts will also be based on the people who drive the vehicle; for instance, teenage drivers with better school grades can have a lower premium. Find out if there are any requirements available to decrease costs.

Pay yearly or half-yearly 

Bulk payments are usually much lower. If you can pay either yearly or every half year, you’ll be able to save a lot compared to if you pay monthly car insurance. If you’ve got the cash, put it to good use.

Car Insurance – it’s easier than you think!

We hope you’ve enjoyed our guide about how to get lower car insurance and get better deals for the future. Hopefully, you will feel a lot happier having an arsenal of ways to lower car insurance under your belt the next time you go online and look for a quote. We are sure that you can get a low premium if you follow our 8 points. All the best!

Article contributed by Thomas Quarry.

Thomas is a treasure hunter that loves driving and has been a car enthusiast ever since he got his driver’s license. As a copywriter, this subject matter couldn’t come more naturally to him! When he’s not writing, you can probably spot him working on repairing classic cars in his garage. 

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