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True Fitness introduces Styku and Queenax to improve customers’ fitness experience

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True Fitness has introduced Styku, an advanced 3D body scanner for fitness and Queenax, a functional and suspension training system in Singapore

Styku consists of an advanced 3D depth sensor and a rotating platform. The user takes a 30 second, 360-degree rotation scan for the system to capture millions of data points in a non-intrusive manner. Over 600 high-resolution infra-red images are captured during the process and assembled by the system in 3D. The user will see a 3D avatar displaying various circumference measurements of the waist, hips and thighs, body shape and body composition. The 3D model can also be rotated, panned, and zoomed to evaluate each body part in great detail. This will allow tracking of baseline circumference measurements and also where body fat is being lost.

True Fitness

True Fitness

Personal trainers using Styku in their fitness programmes can help users customise goals and objectives such as burn rate, activity levels, and target periods. This allows the user to visualise their fitness progress and monitor their workout results over time, and possibly impact the way they train.  Styku users can see changes in their body shape and dimensions, and become more engaged with their training programme to achieve goals.

The Styku system can also create a model of daily calorie burn, that can help inform users of their maximum caloric intake thereby aiding them in their nutrition and diet objectives.

Queenax is a multi-purpose and highly-versatile functional training system that combines many stations into one. Users can expect to focus and train through a diverse range of workouts such as jumping, squatting, boxing, swinging, hanging, ladder climbing. The system incorporates a variety of training accessories such as suspension training bars, punch bags, and resistance bands; providing users with the capability to switch quickly between circuit to group training scenarios.



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