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What’s Cooking At De Dietrich?

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La Galerie De Dietrich finds a new home at Oxley Bizhub.

French kitchen specialist De Dietrich has relocated to a 1,400 square-foot showroom showcasing modern, French-inspired decor. Not only is it the place to go if you want to get a hands-on experience with the latest De Dietrich kitchen appliances, avid cooking enthusiasts will do well to check out the showroom too.

With four separate cooking stations and a large kitchen island, the showroom also serves as a workshop space for its chef ambassadors, who will conduct bi-weekly cooking demonstrations for large groups.


De Dietrich has also announced its line up for 2015, which are set to roll out over the next few months.

Combi Steam Oven

The newest upcoming releases from De Dietrich will feature 100% full steam cooking, including steam-assisted baking and grilling. They feature easy-to-clean enamelled cavity and pyrolytic (self-cleaning) function. It has a wealth of auto-cooking features, with over 20 presets for steam cooking and over 60 for conventional and steam-assisted cooking.

De Dietrich Full Combi Steam Oven (DKR5495GX)

The DKR5480X and DKR5495GX (pictured above) models will be available at S$3,990 and S$4,200 respectively from June 2015.

HoriZone Chef Tactillum Induction Hob

The compact 65cm hob was designed for smaller, modern kitchen spaces, and features their pioneering TACTILIUM technology – an easy, intuitive navigation via a sharp display. It is designed with 12 inductors built-in, divided into four distinct cooking zones. You can independently control all four zones, which automatically detects movements and displays settings accordingly.

De Dietrich HoriZone Chef Tactillum Induction Hob(DTI1568DG)

The model DTI1568DG will be available at S$6,900 from June 2015.

SoftClose Oven

The SoftClose mechanism is a clever little safety feature that’s awfully convenient as it prevents the slamming of the oven door. It allows you to use both hands to carry a heavy dish out of the oven without worrying about keeping the door closed. As the name suggests, the door will slowly close itself.

De Dietrich Soft Close Oven (DOP1597GX)

Available in 60cm single ovens, DOP1597GX (pictured above) and DOP1597W will be available at S$7,890 each, and will arrive in stores in May 2015.

For more information, visit the De Dietrich website here.




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