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Your Personal Louis XIII Legacy

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Your old Louis XIII bottle may well earn you a visit to the Rémy Martin Estate in Cognac, France.

Could you be the owner of the oldest bottle of LOUIS XIII in Singapore? And possibly, Asia, or the world? If you think you are, or think that you might come close, Rémy Martin Singapore would like to hear from you.

LOUIS XIII, arguably one of the most recognisable names in luxury cognacs, was launched in 1874. The cognac is revered for its blend of 1,200 eaux-de-vie, aged from 40 years up to 100 years, which is presented in an iconic crystal decanter inspired by a metal flask lost in 1569 on the battlefield of Jarnac.

You’d be surprised to know that just a mere seven years later after its launch, the flagship cognac of the House of Rémy Martin shipped several cases of its finest down our way to be enjoyed in Singapore, Hong Kong and China.

On its 140th anniversary, the House of LOUIS XIII has unsurprisingly chosen to revisit its legacy, embarking on a “Quest for a Legend”, which will commence first in Asia – Singapore, Malaysia, India, and the Philippines. With such a long history that stretches almost to the beginning of the brand itself, there’s a good chance that the rarest bottles of LOUIS XIII may well be located on our side of the world.

Part of LOUIS XIII’s campaign is centered on the fact that it is on a mission rediscover its own legacy, and Rémy Martin invites you to do the same; be it a family heirloom, passed down from generation to generation, or a gift from a dear friend, wouldn’t you like to know the story behind that bottle of yours?

If you have a bottle of LOUIS XIII stashed away at the back of the liquor cabinet, this might well be the best time to unearth it. If you happen to have the rarest, unopened decanter in good condition, it may win you a visit to the Rémy Martin Estate in Cognac, France. To find out more, you can go to their website to get more details.

The ongoing contest will end 31 March 2015.


The prize is a trip to the Rémy Martin Estate in Cognac, France which includes:

  • Two return Business class air tickets
  • Two first class return train tickets between Paris and Angouleme
  • Car pick up transfer to the Estate
  • A hosted lunch at the Estate
  • Guided Tour of the Estate, grounds, cellars and distillery
  • A tasting of LOUIS XIII and Dinner
  • One night’s accommodation in Cognac




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