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A Hearty Prosperity Soup Feast At Yàn

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From 19 September, savour 25 premium and health-boosting double-boiled soups with Yàn’s “Prosperity Soup Feast”.

Prepared using time-honoured recipes, Yàn’s “Prosperity Soup Feast” certainly lives up to the saying that “health is wealth”. Located at the National Gallery Singapore, the Cantonese restaurant lends an air of sophistication with its modern Chinese interior.

From 19 September to 31 October 2016, Yàn will be introducing 25 double-boiled soups that will make a perfect hearty feast for both family and friends. What’s unique about the Prosperity Soup Feast is that each soup is skilfully prepared to offer its own unique set of health benefits. Some of these benefits include clearing heat, curing ailments, enhancing beauty and maintaining overall wellness.

Here are some of the soups we tried:

Double-boiled Hashima with Huang Qi and Dang Shen
Double-boiled Hashima with Huang Qi and Dang ShenJPG

Offering a rich, herbal flavour, ladies will love this Hashima with Huang Qi and Dang Shen soup for its rich collagen properties. Known for improving complexion, the Hashima is soft and jelly-like, making it easy to swallow down with the soup.

Double-boiled Sea Whelk and Black Garlic Double-boiled Sea Whelk and Black GarlicJPG

Garlic fans will love this Sea Whelk and Black Garlic soup, which features cured garlic and wolfberries that are known to help strengthen the immune system. This soup is slightly darker in colour (from the black garlic) and also a little heavier in flavour – perfect with a dash of pepper for that warm, homely feeling.

Double-boiled Duck with Parsnip and Dried Orange Peel

For something that is good for preventing a cold, the Duck with Parsnip and Dried Orange Peel offers a unique combination of flavours ranging from savoury to sour (from the orange peel).

Double-boiled Frog with Conpoy and Winter Melon 

Perfect for Singapore’s weather, this Frog with Conpoy and Winter Melon is great for alleviating body heatiness. The flavours in this are strong – a hint of fish flavour from the conpoy, together with a combination of sweet and rich flavours.

Double-boiled Chinese Cabbage with Yunnan Ham 

This soup may be light but is definitely rich in flavours. The best part is that it is meant to nourish the lungs as well as boost energy – particularly in women. The Chinese cabbage is boiled till soft, making it easy to palate.

Priced affordably at SGD 13.80++ each, all soups are served with a bowl of fragrant crispy rice, cooked with an imperial stock. It is recommended to pour the soup directly into the bowl of rice for an extra heart-warming experience.

On top of their Prosperity Soup Feast, Yàn also offers some delectable mains that are perfect for sharing. This includes their Signature Crispy Roast Suckling Pig (SGD 124++ for half portion) served three ways– crispy skin, carved shoulder, and oven baked filled with lemongrass.

A minimum of five different soups will be available daily on a rotational basis. Guests can also have the option of pre-ordering any of the 25 soups at least one day in advance.

Yàn is located at #05-02 1 St Andrew’s Road, 02 National Gallery, Singapore 178957. For more information, visit



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