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Edition No.2: The Macallan & El Cellar de Can Roca Make a Whisky Together

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What happens when an iconic whisky maker gets together with a culinary icon? The answer is The Macallan Edition No.2.

The original Macallan Edition No.1 was unique when it was first released because it was one of the very few whiskies where that provided information about what it consisted of. With its new release, Macallan has gone one step further and has roped in the co-founders of the El Celler de Can Roca, twice voted the best restaurant in the world.


The Edition No.2 consists of seven oak cask types chosen by the Roca brothers, founders ofEl Celler de Can Roca and Bob Dalgarno, Macallan’s own Master Whisky Maker. Each collaborator handpicked casks that they liked, which are then blended by Dalgarno to produce the Edition 2. The result is a very different Macallan that one would typically be used to, but it is a rather tasty one.

To this end, Bob Dalgarno chose European oak Tevasa casks as the base for the No.2, favouring its characteristic notes of rich, dried fruit. Joan Roca, the chef, selected a mix of American and European oak casks from Diego Martin for their green wood and toffee notes. Sommelier Josep’s choice of European oak Jose Miguel Martin casks adds allspice and ginger, and pastry chef Jordi the pastry chef rounds off the ensemble with American oak Vasyma casks to give the whisky its citrus and light vanilla notes.

This culinary-inspired Macallan is undeniably more subtle and far less challenging than the Edition No.1, which required more study and isn’t a typical crowd pleaser. For a refreshing and pleasant change of pace, the Edition No.2 has plenty to offer at a fairly reasonable price of S$198 (before GST).


Official Tasting Notes

Colour A natural colour of golden syrup
Aroma The nose leads with treacle, toffee apples and rich fruits. Layers of vanilla open into tropical fruits and subtle green wood
Palate The palate is warm with spice as cracked black pepper and cloves join with hints of chocolate, brown sugar, oak and nuts. Finally, liquorice and brandy snaps come through
Finish The finish is full, slow, warm and wonderfully viscous




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