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Pilates With Tea

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Pilates Fitness ran a survey of the customers recently and found that nearly 40 percent of their 300 members were looking forward to having tea before their class.

Tea has possible beneficial properties including lowering cholesterol levels and helping with weight loss.

At Pilates Fitness, Founder Candice Chin is looking towards using tea to help enhance the workout experience prior to class. She has teamed up with Betjeman & Barton to offer a specially selected range of tea including the Lundi Light Green Tea, Thé C’est une belle Histoire (black tea) and the Betjeman And Barton Fruit Infusion Caddy Pensees.

Candice shared, “I’ve been trying to find ways to improve mindfulness or focus without meditation. I believe that taking the time to sip a cup of tea to prepare one’s body and mind for the Pilates class will help my clients focus much better during the class and reap more benefits from every move.”

Pilate Fitness has introduced three new classes – complemented by the teas – to their regular pilates programmes.

These include:

  • “AbsBurnPilates Class” that helps to tone abdominal muscles  and reduce love handles as well as belly fat. The Lundi Light Green tea combines green tea and lemongrass from Mexico with oils from lemon and ginger to help boost fat burn. 
  • “FlexiStretchPilates” Class that focuses on lengthening tight muscles due to prolonged inactivity or regular sporting activities. This class is recommended for those with sedentary occupations, muscle stiffness, chronic pains or scoliosis. Thé C’est une belle Histoire combines fresh fig, bergamot, lemon, lotus and Pitanga with a blend of China and Ceylon teas. This delightful combination is then scattered with multi-coloured cornflowers giving you a light and fragrant black tea. Black tea contains antioxidants that can help reduce  muscle cell damage and inflammation after exercise
  • “AromaPilates” Class combines the therapeutic effects of aromatherapy oils with the health benefits of Pilates. The class is paired with Betjeman And Barton Fruit Infusion Caddy Pensees, a herbal tea with hibiscus flowers, apple, lemon liqueur, cardamom and rose petals, rich in vitmain C with antioxidant and therapeutic properties that do not act as stimulants 

Pilates Fitness is currently offering a 12 Days Pilates Class Trial and Tea Bundle (S$391; current offer S$91) applicable across all three classes. Information and pricing is available on their website.

Information about Betjeman & Barton teas are available on their website and Facebook page.

(All pictures courtesy of Pilates Fitness)




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