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Surprise Mum With A Heartwarming Salad Toss At SuFood

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This Mother’s Day, SuFood introduces a new initiative – a heartwarming salad toss for mum that will add a personal touch your meal.

Since its launch in 2014, SuFood has been the top vegetarian chain birthed from a joint venture between Singapore’s PUTIEN and Taiwan’s WOWPRIME. Known for using fresh ingredients and healthy cooking methods, their delectable and appealing vegetarian meals cater to the health-conscious and serve as a satisfying vegan option.

Showcasing versatility in their cooking, SuFood’s Raffles City outlet offers a five-course express set lunch at SGD 21.80++ and an eight-course set meal at SGD 29.80++. Dishes range from appetisers and mains to a palate-cleansing dessert and drink.

This Mother’s Day, SuFood shakes things up with a creative salad toss initiative. Surprise mum with a complimentary customised salad toss when you make a reservation and order two or more set meals.

Here are some of the dishes we tried:


Opting to try their Tropical Fruit Salad as well as the much-raved Mushroom Salad, we were presented with a perfect opportunity to sample both a sweet and savoury dishes before our main course.

fruit salad

The Tropical Fruit Salad defied expectations with SuFood’s unfailing attention to detail, featuring the freshest chilled and cubed variety of fruits including apple cubes soaked in lime juice.

Mushroom salad

The Mushroom Salad features a hearty combination of button and shiitake mushrooms with steamed broccoli and sliced cherry tomatoes, glazed in vinegar dressing.

Mushroom Cheese Wrap

cheesy mushroom wrap

Sampling their newest item on the menu, the Mushroom Cheese Wrap provided a satisfying crunch with its perfectly baked skin housing diced mushrooms and cheese that ooze out with every bite. Presented in generous portions, the wrap will certainly fill you up and be the highlight of your meal.

Mango Frollino

Mango frollino

Ending off on a sweet note, we wrapped up our meal with SuFood’s Mango Frollino – a layered cake with fresh mango cubes and creamy custard sauce. The puff pastry sandwiched between offered a good bite to the dish and balanced out the sweetness.

During our review, we were introduced to a breakdown of how this heartwarming surprise will execute:

  • Upon ordering your choice of meals, you will be directed to approach any SuFood staff for assistance and push a trolley from the kitchen containing the salad ingredients and equipment.
  • Offering a myriad of ingredients such as exotic crystalline iced plants, mixed lettuce, strawberries, pomelo, peaches, deep fried lotus roots, and a range of salad sauces, you can be sure to make the perfect salad to suit your mother’s liking.
  • With photo props provided as well, SuFood will offer you and your mother a photo-taking opportunity to document the memorable occasion.

Be sure to visit SuFood this Mother’s Day to pamper your mother and offer her a chance to indulge in a delicious and healthy meal. The Mother’s Day initiative is available at all SuFood outlets from 6 to 8 May 2016. For more information, visit SuFood’s website.



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