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Why Sugar Drinks Are Harmful for Your Health

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Ditch your sugar addiction for a healthier lifestyle

If sugar is a major part of your diet, you should aim to decrease your intake. This helps to lower the risk of contracting medical conditions such as diabetes and allowing you to stay fit and healthy.

Here are several reasons on why you need to stop taking so much sugar:

Weight Gain

Sugary drinks contribute to your daily calories intake. Compared to those who drink plain water, people tend to gain more weight when they consume sodas. Drinks with reduced sugar such as diet coke might not necessarily lower your sugar intake.

Sugary drinks can also cause you to crave for more food due to your body’s need for actual sugar instead of artificial ones.

Dental Stains and Erosion

Regular consumption of sugared drinks, especially soft drinks, will degrade your tooth enamel, one of the layers that protects your teeth.

The acidity of soft drinks weakens the tooth and increases its risk of tooth decay. Take note that its acidity level is worse than the amount of sugar in hard candies. This means when compared to eating sweets, soda beverages actually erode your teeth faster.

Sleeping Disorders

With the presence of caffeine in soft drinks such as cola, it prevents drowsiness and keeps you awake. Avoid consuming soda in the late evening or at night if you have poor sleeping quality. If you are burning the midnight oil, bear in mind that sodas are only a temporary solution.

After the initial energy boost, your body will feel more tired. Look for other alternatives to stay awake at night such as going for a run beforehand.

Minimal Nutritional Value

Containing only filtered water and refined sugars, soda drinks do not have any beneficial nutrition for your body. It does however have negative impact on your body such as increasing the risk of contracting diabetes and adding to your overall calories intake.


Soft drinks speed up your rate of urine production where you might face a higher frequency of going to the washroom. Without sufficient water intake, you might experience dehydration where your body loses fluids more than what’s being taken in.

Increases Risk of Diabetes

It is evident that sugary drinks contribute to the risk of getting diabetes. Sweetened drinks triggers the need for your body to process the sugar. This causes the insulin – that your body makes to handle the sugar – become less effective.

Always choose healthier alternatives such as fresh fruit juice instead of soft drinks. You might also want to read about other various nutritious drinks if you are tired of drinking plain water.



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