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How to Lose Weight the Healthy Way

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Learn to shed weight without compromising your health

Weight loss requires effort, commitment and time. Going on several diets are not going to help you achieve your body goals. Contrarily, it could adversely affect your health if you do not plan to lose weight properly.

There is no “one size fits all” solution when it comes to weight loss. Here are several tips on how you could lose weight without negative impact to your body system:

Drink water before eating meals

Having sufficient water intake promotes proper digestion and satisfies your hunger to a certain extent. By drinking water before meals, you would not need as much food to feel full.

This allows you to reduce your appetite without starving yourself. It is vital not to deprive your body of food so that you would not start binge eating.

Have a food journal

Jot down every meal consumption so that you will be more aware of your calories intake. This also helps you to make smarter food choices and dedicated to keeping your calories intake at its minimal level.

You could use apps such as Calorific or My Fitness Pal to help you stay on track of your weight loss program.


Stay active by integrating workout sessions into your lifestyle. By eating healthily and maintaining regular workout routines, it helps you to lose weight while staying fit.

Look out for physical activities that complement your schedule to keep you motivated. Always listen to your body so that you could avoid injuring yourself. Challenge yourself only when you feel ready or when you have achieved a stable fitness level after working out for a period of time.

Plan your meals

To control your calories intake better, you should shop and prepare your own meals. Before doing so, plan your meals in advance.

Not only does it help you save money from eating out, planning your own meals also ensures that you stick to your diet. You can even precook your meals if you have a hectic schedule the following day.

Consistent food consumption

Avoid skipping meals. Start your day with a proper breakfast so that you have sufficient energy to last you through the day.

Skipping meals will cause you to crave more food or even binge eat. Your body could also be deprived of certain nutrients when you skip meals. This leads to your body not being able to function properly, and to a weaker immune system.

Eat more vegetables and fruits

As a great source of vitamins, minerals, fiber and antioxidants, you should aim to have 2 servings of each food group. Replace unhealthy snacks with these in your diet. Consume whole fruits instead of drinking juices and try not to overcook your vegetables.

Go regular

If you really need to satisfy your fast food cravings, control your appetite by going for the regular set or even downsize it. Refrain from upsizing your meal so that you would not exceed your calories intake.

To avoid consuming too many carbohydrates, you could just order the specific item that you crave for.

Abstain from midnight snacks

If you really want to snack before sleeping, choose fruits or vegetables instead of unhealthy snacks such as chips or ice cream. Do take note that excessive snacking could lead to weight gain.



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