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Why You Need to Eat More Tomatoes

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Find out why tomatoes need more spotlight when it comes to your meals

These precious salad beauties shouldn’t be neglected in your regular diet since they can help improve your health in no time! They can be confused as a fruit or a vegetable, but their versatility is no joke when it comes to meal preparations. You can toss tomatoes in salads, burgers or even eat them raw as a snack.

Tomatoes are rich in lycopene, fiber, vitamin C and A, potassium, riboflavin, chromium and other essential minerals. Altogether, it is rich in powerful antioxidants to help fight multiple diseases such as cancer.

Here are some health benefits of eating tomatoes:

Healthy Heart
Since tomatoes are rich in lycopene, expect to have lower cholesterol, improved immune function and minimal blood clots as you snack on tomatoes on a regular basis. Tomatoes help keep your heart healthy, eventually lowering your risk to stroke or artery hardening.

Improves Eyesight
If you have been bothered by your eyesight for quite some time, it’s possible that you’re running low in vitamin A. When this happens, your eyes may find it hard to detect light and send information to your brain. Load up on lutein by eating at least one cup of tomatoes more often.

Promotes Healthy Skin
Having a flawless skin requires a change in your diet. Start clean eating and consume foods rich in vitamins and minerals to have that inner glow radiating from your skin. Tomatoes are good source of vitamin C to help collagen take care of your skin. At the same time, vitamin C keeps your skin protected from sun damage. If you’re having a hard time eating raw tomatoes, you may want to drink a cup of tomato juice instead.

Maintains Strong Bones
Did you know that tomatoes are good source of calcium and vitamin K? These two are good for your bone health in terms of repairing and strengthening bone tissues. If you’re lactose intolerant but want to have healthy bones, you may have just found a solution!

Repairs Damage from Smoking
If you’ve recently quit smoking, consider eating tomatoes to reduce the damage caused by smoking in your body. Tomatoes may not be able to help you quit it for good, but their coumaric and chlorogenic acids protect your body from carcinogens.

Now that you have an idea why tomatoes shouldn’t be taken for granted, time to spruce up your salad bowl and enjoy healthy eating like you’ve always wanted.



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