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Health Benefits of Greek Yoghurt

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Consider switching to Greek yoghurt to keep your gut healthy and increase protein intake

Are you just starting your journey to health and fitness? If so, you might have heard about Greek yogurt.

Greek Yogurt

This is a strained yogurt that carries less water, lactose and minerals in it, making it creamier but comes with less sugar and carbs. The yoghurt’s acidity allows the body to absorb nutrients better.

Here are some reasons to consider adding Greek yogurt to your regular diet:

Low in Calories

This is one of the reasons why Greek yogurt is your go-to snack if you want to lose weight. It is a great ingredient to add to a low-calorie diet while treating your taste buds to a wonderful yogurt experience.

High in Protein

Greek yogurt has three times more protein compared to regular yogurt. Keep in mind that it’s important to have protein in your diet since it helps reduce hunger, improves body composition and increases metabolic rate. So if you want to eat more protein, you may want to consider stocking up on Greek yogurt.

Rich in Probiotics

If you want to boost your immune system and minimise diarrhoea and stomach pain, load up on probiotics regularly. Greek yogurt is packed with a substantial amount of probiotics, keeping your intestines in a healthy state.

Low in Carbs

It has lesser carbs since they strain the whey from the yogurt that contains lactose or milk sugar. Just be careful that some Greek yogurt has added sugar in them. You may want to read labels just to be sure.

Great Workout Recovery Food

After a tiring session at the gym, treat yourself to a cup of Greek yogurt to help your body recovery properly. Consider switching your usual protein or recovery bars to Greek yogurt to help regenerate muscle tissue and repair fiber damage at the same time.



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