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Healthy Lifestyle Myths You Should Know About

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Always had a hard time defining what a healthy lifestyle can be? We help set the record straight as we debunk the most common health myths today.

When it comes to fitness and working out, it is normal to believe all the information we hear or read about. This shouldn’t be the case, especially if you want to adopt a healthy lifestyle.

Myth #1: Eating breakfast before working out is bad for your body

Many people believe that not eating before exercising is an effective way for the body to burn more fat than the usual. This is actually not true as starving yourself before a work out can be harmful to your body. Since you need the energy to burn those calories, it is best to eat 45 minutes before you sweat it out. Make sure to pick out a healthy snack instead of sugary pastries you have, lurking in the fridge.

Myth #2: Heated workouts burn more calories

This is actually far from the truth. You burn more calories not because you sweat a lot, but because you work harder. Every time you work out, your muscles have to exert more effort as your heart rate increases together with your breathing.

Believe it or not, more sweat doesn’t always mean you had a good workout.  All the water weight you lost can easily be replaced as soon as you drink liquids.

Myth #3: Energy drinks helps you stay hydrated as you work out

Though energy drinks provide you more stamina during rough exercise routines, water is still your best choice when it comes to hydrating.

If you’ve chosen walking as your exercise routine, this low-key activity doesn’t really need a supply of energy drink to keep you going. Energy drinks are better used for hardcore workouts to replenish the glucose used by the muscles.

Forget about the colored energy drinks you always have, bring your tumbler along nd fill it up with thirst-quenching water instead.

Myth #4: A 45-minute workout is needed to reap the health benefit

Improving your cardiovascular health doesn’t really require a 45-minute workout from you every day. Walking or running for at least 10-25 minutes is enough to keep in you good health.

It’s better to get a daily dose of your exercise for 20 minutes instead of sweating it out for 2 hours every other week. Short workouts shouldn’t be taken lightly since recent studies shows they are also beneficial to improve your longevity and fitness.

Myth #5: Being sleep deprived helps you lose weight

Even if you don’t get a lot of sleep, that doesn’t mean you’d lose weight over the course of time. The truth is, you’re more likely to feel hungrier if you’re always sleep deprived.

If you don’t want to keep binge eating and craving for more carbs, start getting more sleep as much as you can to help you make wiser food choices every single day.

Myth #6: You have to feel some pain while working out

Some people believe that you’re actually doing it right if you feel any pain in your body while working out. This is not true at all since you might have already sprained an ankle or developed an injury if you keep feeling any pain while you exercise.

If you’ve had injuries before, it’s better to consult with a professional before you start with your new exercise routine. You don’t want to end up getting more injuries that will prevent you from being active for quite a while.

Getting started on a healthy lifestyle isn’t easy. That is why it’s important to get to know these fitness myths so you wouldn’t have to waste your time doing so in the long run.



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